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If you dont eat all the time that your stomach will shrink???
if you eat a lot of food that makes your stomach grow right??
then does that mean that if you dont eat all the time that your stomach will shrink???

no, first your muscles shrink because your not getting enough energy, then your fat shrinks, (but it takes a while) then your stomach shrinks!!!

no it will get bloated from gas.

Sarah Mc
no, what happens is that your body will store any food and you will end up storeing more fat on your body to accomodate for not eating, what you have to do is eat but eat healthly,

no it wont

I think it true, but if you snack all day your metabolism stays highest. If you don't eat it will slow down.

Arthur Richards of Kent
you eat three meals a day your smallest meal should be dinner smallest in volume and weight. breakfast should be fruit and grains lunch should be meats dairy and vegetables if each day you weighed what you eat at your meals and each day you lessened the weight by grams in a month it would be down in ounces and in three months down a pound in food intake a day.... you will have already lost fifteen pounds mostly off your waist by then

getfit chick
Yes your stomach will shrink if you eat less. Also that means that you will feel fuller more quickly.


the less you eat the more your stomach will shrink. yes.

but please keep eating to a reasonable measure!

i dont know if it a fact or not, but it seems to happen to me.

Yes. Happened to me. At least I think so.

No the stomach is an elastic organ. It may stretch out after many, many years - 40 to 50 if abused by overeating all that time.

The appetite is controlled by a different organ - I've forgotten for sure but I think the pituitary gland controls appetite. I do know the organ that determines if you're full is in the neck.

Your stomach is about the size of your fist. A Nurse Practitioner told me this about a year ago.

So that big thing people point to is not the stomach, it's fat.

The facts of life can be so cruel!

igor r

indeed. it can shrink pretty easily. when you fast for several days, at the end of that fast something as simple as an apple can fill you up completely

♥ Tinkerbell ♥
yes it does shrink because ur body is tryin to addapt to the wy you eat and if you rarely eat than your stomach is going to shrink!
♥ Tinkerbell ♥

katie w
ya thts true


yeah. but not permanently or anything...

yepp..it is true.

Remember that for now your stomach is still a part of you so don't strain it please because it is hooked up to all kinds of different body systems that will in general weaken your body. Try exercising your stomach and back muscles and this will pull in your stomach, reform it, and cradle it protectively in your body. AND you will feel great doing it.

Yes your stomach will shrink if you start eating less food. Crash diets is not a good idea though. Just eat until you are satisfied but not full. Soon you will find you get full on less than what you use to eat. That's because your tummy has shrunk. If you don't exercise you tummy will shrink but will be flabby. You want to keep those muscles tight with a good exercise routine.

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