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 I have two toenails infected with fungi, any medicine to cure them? how do they get infected?
A friend told me they are fungi infections, gosh, they are so horrible. they get dark and deformed, it's been a long time now that i don't use sandals nor i get barefoot in the beach, it...

 Would you rather....?
have to lose your sight or hearing?
And why?

I am always amazed at those people who are blind getting on with life. I wonder how they do it!
Similarly with deaf people. To never ...

 Would you tell your family and freinds if you had a terminal illness?

 Are you considered a pot head if you smoke at least once a day?
or just once a ...

 Why cant i vomit?
i have tried to make myself vomit.
imnot bulimic or anything.
i am sika t the moment.
and i feel really sick where i just need to vomit to feel better.
so i tried to make myself ...

 Oh dear pls help me?
iv just got up and my 4 year old daughter has been chewing on a black marker pen its all in her mouth and all over her lips what should i do!!!! i dont know if its a toxic pen or ...

 What helps you sleep when you get migraines?
these migraines are killing me! i can't sleep when i get them. i need relief. do not talk about meds cuz they do nothing....

 Cure for diabetes?
i'm not trying to get you to feel sorry for me, whatsoever;; but i have diabetes, and was diagnosed with it when i was 3. i am now 16. (=

i was wondering, if you think there will ...

 I need to get over it and im so f*cking scared?
ive been surpressing my vomit, havnt done it in 7 years and i just did it the scond time (surpressing it that is)and i am shaking and ive got pins and needles.

i dont want ot vomit, and im ...

 I am a cocaine addict can someone tell me any other drugs or solutions to help me stop feening for it?
I started coke to try to lose weight and to impress my then much older boyfriend. Now im still the same weight and not happy at ...

 Is it possible to describe a colour to a blind?

Additional Details
Yes. It's possible. Donate eyes and let them a colourful life....

 What is going on w/ my son?????
My son is 9, and for the past year or so, he has had this sorta acid reflux (or gurd). I have seen his doctor, and she said maybe lactose intolerance, so I took him off all milk products, yet it ...

 What is the averagle life expectancy of a male?

 My daughter is 8 years old for the last 10 months she has been suffering from bad breath and I dont know why.?
The dentist says she has no problems and the doctor just prescribed antibiotics. The problem is not constant it seams to get worse as the day wears on....

 Besides water, what else can i use to clean my urine?

 Is it possible?
to be a 13yr old girl with yeast infection?...

 What is the best treatment for anaemia due to low iron levels in the blood?
I have been anaemic for several months now. My GP is only giving me iron supplements which don't seem to help at all. I feel dizzy and tired most of the time, I get pale and sweaty whenever I ...

 Huge ...THING?
okay, my bf is going to the doctor tomorrow about this, but i'm freaking out because I'm really worried about this. On his inner thigh, right under the groin area, there is this huge golf-...

 Is it true that blokes can not get bird flu?
x x ...

 Burning Flatulence?
I released some wind on my couch and the sound almost scared me. The pain of the gas was very severe and so was the burning. Should I see Doctor? This happening after bean eating....

If you always feel hot, does that mean you are cold or warm blooded?

Dan M
What planet do you come from or what kind of animal are you? If you are human, you can only be warm blooded.

you are warm blooded because you are a mammal.

Here is yor answer...


Good Luck.

If you feel hot, its because the air outside you're body is warmer then that of the inside of you're body, or there is a pressure difference. And Mammals are warm blooded. Lizards, and some fish are cold blooded.

video production
snakes are cold blooded, mammals warm blooded

humans r always warmblooded. but to answer ur question warm

All humans are warm-blooded. Our body temperature is 98.6 degrees, with slight variations. This can go up or down due to illness.

Warm blooded.

If you always feel hot, it means that you are with somebody extremely attractive all the time and that means that you are warm blooded!!!

Disgusted At Yahoo Answers
You are warm blooded period, only reptiles are cold blooded

Yeah, humans are warm blooded no matter what.

warm blooded

warm blooded!!!

Usually, feeling hot or cold at room temperature indicates not-so-good circulation, not blood temperature issues.

The Spaghetti Cat
you are always warm blooded if you are a human

lois r
Some people have a warmer blood type than others. I always feel hot and my hands are warm. But I think it has to do with your circulation. Usually people with poor circulation have cold hands.

Source my sister a Doctor.

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