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If ice cream melts, can you re-freeze it?
I think my daughter got sick from eating icecrea the next day and ir had melted before putting it back in the fridge

Please dont refreeze melted icecream... when the temperature of a food item increases the bacteria levels grow...

Bacteria multiply by splitting in half (binary fission) from 8 degrees celcius all the way up to around 63 degrees celcius... They multiply at their fastest around 32 degrees celcius (our body temperature!).

If you refreeze something that has had time to warm up there will be more bacterial activity in that particular food item; as its had the optimum time for the bacteria to grow on the food source at the warmer temperatures ...

Freezing does not kill bacteria it only makes them dormant... The only way to kill bacteria is to heat it up over 63 degrees...

So your icecream would have had bacterial growth whilst it was melting and warming up the temperature scale, then it was frozen leaving the bacteria dormant, then once it was consumed the bacteria got back into action making your daughter poorly.

After working in catering for 9 years I adopted the saying "If in doubt throw it out". Food poisioning is bad.

your silly it would not refreeze

re-freezing ice cream usually results in ice crystals inside it. the consistency is lost.

If/when ice cream melts, yes, you can refreeze it. However, you'll want to do it right; i.e. letting it return to refrigerator temperature, then churning it/putting the liquid back into an ice cream freezer. This is because ice cream freezers/churns constantly rotate the mixture, which aerates (puts air into, making it fluffy) the mixture and helps to prevent those nasty little ice crystals.

You don't want the ice cream to return to room temperature or leave the ice cream uncovered while it melts: both of these will promote bacteria growth; which may be part of why your daughter got sick the next day.

You can refreeze ice cream after it's melted, most assuredly within a reasonable amount of time.PLEASE, just be aware that TIME and TEMPERATURE are a major factor in whether or not your refrozen ice cream is safe for consumption.I don't want to come off sounding a bit like an alarmist, but I do want to be realistic.Keep in mind, we don't know if your ice cream was sitting out for ten MINUTES or ten HOURS. There really is big difference.
Keep in mind also, any dairy product is going to begin souring after a certain time, thus, obviously making it not safe to eat (or drink). Depending on the temperaure, it's likely to begin getting sour, stale, yeah, an incredible amount of bacteria (not making it safe to eat) within a couple of hours (or sooner, DEPENDING on the TEMPERATURE). Making your tummy ache a little, shouldn't be too surprising. If you can't finish a bowl of ice cream, you'd be wise to put it back in the freezer right away. Don't keep it setting on the table for the rest of the day and then decide to put it in the freezer for later.Like I said, none of know how much time you're talking about. I can offer this analogy, if it helps,... it's not real likely you would ask your daughter to finish her glass of milk that was served at breakfast, after leaving it set out on the kitchen table to have it at dinner, right? Same concept.Refreeze/Re-Refridgerate,...you get the idea.
If it wasn't that scenario at all with ice cream, she may have felt sick from something else entirely. I trust she's feeling better now.As with ANY FOOD that "feels" questionable, I definetly agree,..."When in doubt, throw it out."

I wouldn't refreeze it. Just toss it out.

Yes,dear, but it will have a different texture. The creameries keep it moving while freezing it, so if you just put it in the freezer, it will look different, but it will taaste the same, unless it had been thawed too long and started to go bad.

They say you should never refreeze anything. Its probably spoiled. Ice cream is made out of milk and milk spoils quickly.

No, it depends on the type but it usually separates. I've eaten it like that before though and never gotten sick. Are you sure its the ice cream.

that could be the reason, if it was melted long enough for bacteria to form. I know that once you heat up milk you cannot reheat it again or you will get sick.

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