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Head In The Clouds
If i talk on the phone while in the bath, will i get electrocuted?
just a paranoid question. is it possible to get hurt?

it is possible u can if it hits the water but if not no

Uh no.......

uhmm...not to freak you out, but my great grandfather was being bathed last night and my sister dropped the celular device into the tub and he was electrocuted into a giant flame and disintegrated on the spot. its kinda tragic. oh well he didn't have teeth, could only speak a form of greek/russian mix (he has a brain mishap) and only has 4 toes and one legs. we knew he'd b leaving soon so i guess good riddance am i right?

yes, I think it is

No, but it will destroy your phone if you drop it in the tub.

allison b
no just dont drop the phone

not if it's a battery powered cordless...

David Aguilar
if you keep you cell phone out of the water then no and also depends who many volts your battery have

brad l
No, because it is battery powered. Sometimes while I'm taking long baths I watch The Office on my iPod or play games on my PSP, and as long as you don't drop them they'll be fine.

If you have it plugged into the wall, there's a chance. So no charging it at the same time!

lol yea

I can't believe all the answers above, do you guys even know about electricity? You couldn't possibly get electrocuted because phones are not connected to electricity, they have a battery, if you drop it, it just will stop working.

Jessicca Francis
Its possible, why would you want to take the risk of putting yourself in danger?

Brent the wings fanatic
Uhm, no. It will only kill you're phone, You can only be electircuted if it has a plug in. Ex: The radio is plugged into the wall if thrown it to water then you can be shocked
If not plugged into the wall your fine.
The only thing you have to worry about is you phone being destroyed/

i suggest not dropping the phone!

I'll just say, I wouldn't recommend it. Thery're always a possibility.

michael n
no. all modern (made in 1990 or later) electronics have automatic "switches" so to speak that turn them off on immediate contact with conductive materials, namely water. i believe this is required by law, though i may be mistaken.

i bet u asked this out of curiousity, lol but yes i wouldn't recommend it.

No it is not possible because basically what will happen is the battery in your phone will die because the water kinda fries the gizmos inside it...however if u ever do drop ur phone in water it is possible for your battery to recover u just have to wait a few days and make sure it is completely dry. Hope this answers your question and lol its not recommended to use your phone in the bath.

examples of things that can cause electrocution: toaster, radio (non-battery), if u notice, these r things that require outlets in other words they need electricity. Electricity causes electrocution.

Cell phone, doubt it. Hardwired land line phone, small voltage, maybe. Not a good idea.

Only if the phone comes in contact with the water, such as if you drop it in there...

Even two AA batteries can emit enough electricity to hurt you, so it's best just to wait.


Joe Paramedic
Not likely to kill you. Corded phones have 24 volts and it could hurt. Cordless phones mite give you a tingle. Just don't get them wet. Enjoy your bath. Merry Christmas.

I like peanut butter
hahaha yeah, im paranoid about that too! Fabulous!
If its a cell phone, probably not because the circuit ends when the battery is flooded (I assume..) And another other phone that is connected to a base, that is connected to an outlet is definatly capable of frying you...... :|

most liely use a speaker phone or somtin

NO....However, if you make toast or use your blender---LOOK OUT!!

only if someone says something shocking

Depends on the phone. If it's plugged into the wall, then yes because of the electricity factor. If it's a cell phone then no.

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