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I hear music in my head, and there is no music in the outside world. Is there a drug to turn the music off?

Double D
relaxation is always good. it means that you are cleansing and clearing your mind ready to be refreashed and move forward with the days activities

get yourself busy with something else. its probably your imagination.

I'm glad that y. u .r. there to use your brain y. because if u dint use it.u lose it i hope that song the day the music died. will never happen to u just stay close to music and stay stronger .


i love the music if my head,

i dont think there is a drug, but instead of thinking about the music, you could concentrate on your breathing for a few minutes, i mean really concentrate... and this might help

Tawi-Tawi boy
wait for the batteries to run out!

no drugs make it louder. the only thing you can do is listen to better music. Sorry about our luck.


Can you feel any buttons on your head ?

Why turn it off? Music is a wonderful thing. If you can play music, play what's in your head and maybe it won't bother you anymore.

Say No to drugs

There is a rare phenomenon where metal dental work can receive and decode radio signals, making the person hear music and/or voices. In short, the dental work acts like a radio. Do you have fillings, braces or bridgework?

Try putting 1/2 tsp of salt in your mouth, and holding it for a few seconds after swishing it around thru your dental work. Does the music go away?...If so, go to your dentist and have the metal appliances replaced with non-conductive ones.

Music is beautiful. Music tends to our souls. Music should be the new religion.

Hang on wasn't that the name of a song or band?

I've heard of this before - it may have something to do with metal tooth fillings or teeth-braces, if you have either, have them checked out. Otherwise, you could be another budding Mozart.

This is not a good sign, early symptoms of some illness,better see your doctor.
Or you are too tired.
Or you love music too much.

Talk to your doctor and explain how annoying it is and how it is disrupting your life. Any medicine to fix this would need a prescription.

This can be from obsessive/compulsive disorder or adhd, and there are drugs for both conditions. See a good doc.

no. Maybe you should talk to your doctor.

You are normal.

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