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I have the shakes what can be wrong with me what do I do until I see the doctor tomorrow.?

Additional Details
I have not been drinking and I have not been drinking anything with caffeine in.

Leprechaun of Jupiter
go 2 er serious answer

Can the caffeine...u could jsut be nervous...just take it easy and relax

Del Piero 10
Jump in the bath with the washing.

Do not pay any attention to your shakes and try to shift your attention to other things,such as watching TV or enjoy music.
That would be better,at least for your feelings.

sounds like the flu, take paracetamol

have you been eating enough?

could be a panic attack try breathing slowly into a paper bag. and som relaxation tecniques

The PENsive Insomniac
Is it possible you are a diabetic? If you are you may need to check your sugar. You could running low.1

Did you have a lot of sugar 3-5 hours ago?

It could be low blood sugar.

hmmm, some reasons that i get the shakes is when im nervous or anxious...maybe you sould be freaking yourself out and its making you shaky (ive done it a lot) or maybe you have low sugar, try to eat something. Maybe you should drink some water too. Dont worry too much cause thatll make things worse. If your doctor thought it was that bad he wouldve told you to come in immediately but if its really bothering you and youre scared then go to the ER just for a peace of mind since its late. hang in there, do what your instincts tell you

Maybe too little sugar - sometimes it can give you the shakes..

Have a Gatorade, you may be dehydrated

You really need to see the doctor to know what is you totally shaken. He will tell you what to do. It's good to see your doctor is the best thing to do to you. Good luck.!

Are you taking any prescription meds? If so, look
at the insert that came with the meds and check out
the side effects. (If you tossed the insert, look it up
online) I was given a new med for asthma and after
a couple of days, my right arm had the worst tremor..
I finally read all the insert and found that 10% of users
could suffer tremors from this med...and here I was
one of the 10%. I stopped taking the med and within
a couple of days, the tremors stopped. Now I read
all the inserts and keep track of my reaction to all
my meds.
So if you are taking a prescription, mention it to your
doctor tomorrow. Also let the dr. know all supplements
you are taking (sometimes there are intereactions)

Do you have any other symptoms?? It could be an overactive thyroid, I had the shakes mostly in my hands and arms but sometimes I felt as though all my muscles were shaky and jittery. Ask your doctor for a simple blood test to check it out.

Sleepy One
exercise, listen to soothing music, meditate, whatever get your mind off things, or head for a nice warm shower.

Hmm difficult one to answer without seeing you.
Is your temprature high? (If so take paracetamol.)
Do you feel ill? (If very ill ring the doctor back or attend Accident and emergency)
Is your pulse rate high?(Some medications can cause this)
Do you have any medical conditions which may be out of control? (Your doses of medication may need to be altered)
Do you take any regular medication? (Ventolin for example can make you shake.)
Do you have any pain? (If it is chest pain or severe pain elsewhere this could be a cause... attend accident and emergency at once)
Are you dehydrated? (Increase fluid intake to at least a glass and hour)

RING NHS DIRECT and they will ask you appropriate questions and direct you to the most appropriate form of help. 08454647
Hope you are feeling netter soon.

mark a
are u suffering from stress, or on a medication? some tablets get me shacking.

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