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I have only one kidney what does this mean?
will it affect my health, should I be careful about my diet in particular in any way, etc

bumumble beee
i cant remember what a kidney does,
maybe you should research it your self

I think this is a question for your GP.

It's will work just as good as two, but protect yourself.. Don't take too much ibuprofen or tylenol because it can cause kidney failure.. I suggest you don't go over two tylenol or ibuprofen pills in 4 days.. and drink lots of water to keep your kidney flushed so you don't get infections.. and talk to your Gp.

for the ones that do not know what a kidney is.
a kidney is a filtration system in the body that filter the blood a nother words when you drink pop,beer,juice and other drinks there are things that the body dose need and dose not need at the time there is a lot of salt in the in the body the kidney acks like a big filter i takes the toxis out of your blood and and filters your blood so it stays clean.....

now if you only have one kidney you are fine you whould be suprised at how many people have only one kidney and thay do not evan know it. you do not need 2 of them but you do need at least one of them people who do not have a kidney are on diyalese witch mes thay got some where get hooked up to a fake kidney and there tay get there blod filterd


i'm only a student so im no authority but kidneys are VERY important and kidney failure is likely to lead to death-NOT saying this happens often!!!! so i would say yes maybe you should be careful but your dr will give you more advice

Having one kidney is not a major threat to your health (after all, people donate a kidney to a loved one and are able to live a normal life). However, you should be wary of contact sports (boxing, ice hockey, etc.) - if you do participate in these sports, please wear extra padding and just make sure your understand the risks. You don't need a special diet, but you should have your kidney function checked every few years to be on the safe side, and check your blood pressure regularly (this is a good indicator of kidney function) and alert your Doctor if your blood pressure seems to be increasing.

If you only have one kidney, and you know this... then you should have talked to a medical professional who should have told you about that. If not - go back and pester them!

Mrs Stephens
it depends why you have one kidney..My son was born with one kidney,his 13 now ...anyway basically you have to be careful ,because its the only one you have ,you haven't got another to fall back on..other than that everything else is the same...

you better hope nothing happens that you lose your only kidney

pl.be serious.this is not a thing which you could post to answers forum and wait for results.if you are aware of the fact that you are having only one kidney,then how did you came to know it.only from any medical test or report.it is good for you to consult any specialist in this,and act accordingly.in fact,having one kidney will is not a negative sign,if born with only one.but ,if lost a kidney due to some reason,you have to take more care.you are to consult the doc,and learn fully about your condition of health and how you should maintain it in good shape.pl.check up with the doc.God be with you.take care.

bouncer bobtail
It won't affect you health at all really. You don't need a special diet. Anthing that would destroy one kidney would destroy both, because they are only small. The one thing you should be concerned about is contact sports like boxing and soccer. A direct kick in the kidney can cause it to burst, and you don't have a spare.

Soon scientists will have perfected growing complete new organs from your own body cells, so in the event of injury you could be kept alive with regular dialisis until a spare is grown and put back in.

It means the same as having two, but you have to be more aware of looking after yourself..

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