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 What is lupus?

 I have always been curious to know if there is a difference between H.I.V. and aids; or is both the same thing
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 Why dont cigarettes and alcohol get banned?
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 I need help with drunk plp?
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 Could this be considered bulimia?
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 What is the name of that stuff that coroners put under their noses to mask the smell of rotting flesh?
Can you buy it by the liter and/or gallon?

On an unrelated note, how long does a buried body take to stop stinking?

Serious answers only....

 Why are doctors never helpful?
i phoned my doctor and told him i thought
i had worms, he told me to go fishing,
what did he mean by that?...

 Ive just been told im getting a kidney transplant in 10 days?

Additional Details
ive been on dialysis for almost 2 years now and i got the call today telling me someone is giving me there ...

 Why do they do it?
Why do some people post things on here like:
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"I think I've got cancer."
"There's a bleeding stump where my ...

I have been getting swollen legs and feeling dizzy and tired.?
I have been having swollen legs on and off for about five weeks and just recently started feeling dizzy and tired could these symptoms be related.

your dieing. jk you could just have a head cold. and theres a pressure point right by your hip bone, that if bruised causes selling in the leg. there solved. you'll be fine in 2 days.


Wanda B
you could have sugar diabetes are been bitten or stung by something your allergic to. Go to a doctor.

bowweezys wifey
go to the doctor and get it checked

Pocket Protectorate

and you are asking here
you could have something in your kidney,,and you have to check now this is not a joke
5 weeks????
add to this
you may have something in your thyroid
check generally to see whats wrong with U

did u get bit by anything if so go to the hospital no matter wut

The most important fact missing from this question is how old are you. How can all these people think that they can offer you advice when you might be 19 or 55?
There are several causes of swollen legs and feeling dizzy and tired. But the elimination or inclusion of the causes depends very much on the age of the sufferer.
If your legs are swollen and you are feeling dizzy then you should see a medical person for a proper opinion. These symptoms indicate a possible life threatening illness. Would you seriously just stand in the street and ask random passers by to advise you about your condition.
You know what the sensible action is - now, go to it.

You could have high blood pressure. I would get it getted by a doctor as soon as you can.

You may have a serious heart condition. Dizziness is a symptom of high blood pressure (which can cause fatigue) and swollen ankles can be a sign of congestive heart failure. Order an EKG as soon as possible!

Aspartame Poisoning.

i would look into diabetes becuase this is common problem

I have swollen legs too and I have checked out clean for heart, BPand diabetes problems. Now I am going to a vascular specialist to check out my circulation in my legs.
My point being there is no way to know without starting with basic tests and seeing a General Practitioner as a starting point. Is like the old Nike ad "just to it". It is a little depressing but when I found out what wasn't causing it suddenly I was full of energy again and motivated to find the problem and fix it. I hope it helped just to write out your thoughts and know that people really do care. Notice there are no wise cracks in people's answers. Ok spoke too soon there is 1 moron but we are ignoring her.

go to the doctor

Do you drink alot of water? if not start please!!!! That or go to the doctor. . . . .

are u short of breath, this could be your heart (congestive heart failure) symptoms, if so you should LIMIT your water intake. you should really see a doctor about this, diabetes is an option also.

Zombie Chinchilla
well, depends. sounds like you just have poor circulation. if you are getting on in years, this is probably the case and constriction stockings would work best to correct it. Your best bet would be to consult a doctor, he could prescribe you something for it.

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