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I have been getting dizzy alot when i stand up i feel like i am going to pass out.....?
i have been working out (hard core) like 2 hours a day and i am not sure what to do about it?

You have the say problem as me sometimes.I think because you need to drink more water.

Terri J
You need more water, and you might need potassium as well. Eat a banana.

katie d
Go to your doctor. Immediately. Sounds like you are over doing it and probably not eating enough protein before your workout. But I wouldn't chance it, I would contact my doctor and discuss this right away.

Penn S
It could be one of two things. Either you're dehydrated, which can cause light headedness, or you may be having migraines (do you get headaches afterwards?). Also, sometimes when I get up too quickly I see stars, so that could be it.

pepper mill
what is probably happening is your blood sugar content is low... i get that feeling when i am doing a workout later in the day and haven't eaten much before that
basically, when you get dizzy it means that your brain doesn't have enough sugar to function so it starts to shut down, but it usually rights itself quickly (which is when you lose the feeling of dizziness)
in order to fix it, you just need to make sure you are eating throughout the day, and eating healthy carbohydrates to keep your blood sugar level steady

hope you feel better!!

Make sure you are adequately hydrated. You could end up with a condition called "orthostatic hypotension." It is where your bp drops and your heart rate goes up when you stand up. It is normally from dehydration.

You could also be dizzy from hypoglycemia since exercise burns sugar. Be careful not to overdo the exercise. You could suddenly faint and/or go into shock. You may want to have a protein-based snack ahead of time to keep this from happening.

It is best to check with a doctor and have some blood tests done. Be especially careful driving if you feel this way. Here is another idea--you may want to have blood glucose and blood pressure monitors handy when you feel this way again and check your vitals to see if you can figure out what is going on.

Hi Britt, You need to slow down,and take a break.Drink gatorade,specially when working out. This will put all the vits.minerals back that you have sweared out. That's the key,plenty of gatorade,and don't over do.


See a doctor and a nutritionist asap.

See a doctor. You could have an ear infection or worse,

you should go to a docter or maybe its probably because ur body is not use to working that hard i have that problem sometimes when i overwork

This looks like a blood pressure thing. I strongly suggest to get your blood pressure checked by a qualified medical practitioner or doctor. Don't check it yourself at the machines located in stores. If you are getting dizzy, the public machines cannot tell you why, but a doctor could. Good luck.

It sounds like you blood is low, get some more iron in your body, and drink lots of water, and see a doctor so you can get your blood check.

When I first joined the YMCA, I made myself very silly and dizzy on the treadmill. My primary-care physician took an EKG and sent me off for a treadmill test. I did very well on the treadmill test. One of the technicians happened to mention that dehydration can lower blood volume, which lowers blood pressure. I said, "What! My blood pressure goes to 80/40 for no reason at all." Silliness and dizziness explained. I started carrying a water bottle at the YMCA and have not made myself significantly silly since then.

I agree with what a lot of people are saying - drink more water! This is what I think they call positional hypotension. If you're dehydrated, you just don't get enough blood to your brain when you stand up.

Eat properly, take vitamins, drink plenty of water and gatorade, get the enough sleep each night and if that doesn't work, then consult your doctor.

A trick I learned about getting dizzy spells when standing up too quickly is before standing up from a laying or sitting position is to press your feet against the floor 10 times before getting up. That actually does help. I know it sounds wierd, but try that.

Drink some water and eat some carbs. I know that this might go against your diet, but what is worse being sick, or blacking out. Ease up on the exercising. Fifteen Minute should do it if you know the right way to do it. I wear size 0 in Jrs from only fifteen minutes a day.

Drink more water, replenish the salt in your body.

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