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I have a lump inside top of my stomache it sometimes gets bigger and sore doctor gave me antacids what can it?
be please help im so worried

. . . manic depression . . .


i is realy sorry 2hear u is not well could be ulcer? return to doc, or best idea: visit vet, better service from him her or it

Later eddit - I sorry if that sounded bad I didnt mean it in a rude way, just meant that vets are better than nhs
i wasnot being unkind to you
sorry if it seem that way

can you provide me with more detailed history, so that I can make a provisional diagnosis and refer you a specialist.

the hater
I not a medical expert babe but it sounds like you got the same as me. You dont say how old you are but suppose it could happen at any age. It sounds like hiatus hernia, which is a little tear in the muscle that goes across between your lungs and stomach. What happens it sometimes feels like it is swelling, especially when you have eaten a lot or exercised, or eaten something greasy or spicy. It is not dangerous but antacids will help it. Dont worry babe it not life threatening just a little uncomfortable.

Your doctor wants shooting, go back and get a second opinion, this could be a cyst,peptic ulcer or worse ! Get a second opinion, my friend,and don't waste time !

hi there you seem to have the symptoms of a hernia caused by a strain this causes a small tear at the neck of the stomach get it checked out

Get back to the doctor, please get it seen to. If (s)he can't help, get a second opinion. I hope you feel better soon.

it sounds like a hernia, and i know it can be painful did your doc not tell you to avoid spicy foods which can really aggravate it, if your still concerned i would see the doc again and tell him your still worried and that he needs to explain what it is.

Get another opinion from another doctor

go back to GP again

You said you saw the doctor, didn't he tell you?

peter o
it sounds like something i had it called a hiatus ucler.your doctor should.have giving you something like hi-poliry.not sure of spelling.but i would go back to your doctor.because my doctor gave me anti-acids.but it got so bad i went to the hospital.and was told i had hiatus ucler.so see your doctor again.

Stephanie F
What did the doctor think it was by giving you the antacids? Did he say anything?

They should do further testing to find out what it could be. You can always get a second opinion. It could be a hernia? Here is a website where someone else had a lump and where they answered their question about it: I will say some prayers for you and your health. I will pray it will just dissapear. http://www.drdaveanddee.com/lump.html

Most doctors would be hard-pressed to diagnose a lump without having felt it. The first and most important step is to make sure and have a hands on exam by your physician. Suspicious lumps may require further tests and/or biopsy to determine the diagnosis or rule out malignancy.

The most commonly seen lumps are benign fatty growths (lipomas), and benign skin lumps (sebaceous cysts). A physician can diagnose these easily on physical examination. Lipomas and sebaceous cysts generally require no specific treatment unless they become troublesome because of their size or location. Sebaceous cysts sometimes become infected, and need to be drained, and subsequently removed. Generally speaking lipomas are soft, not hard and defined.

In the midline an abdominal wall hernia or diastasis is always a possibility. Occasionally a patient discovers a "lump" in the midline below the breast bone, which is a normal anatomic structure called the xiphoid process.

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