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Darlene S Q
I get severe leg cramps at night what can I do to get help?
I went to one dr she said that i have restless leg syndrome but i don't think that right. The symptoms aren't the same. my new dr. says that i have nocturnal leg cramps. what causes this?

well its probally either you need a new matress because you dont get good sleep. The way you can help it is probally rub it till its gets better or stretch that usaully helps me when I used to get them

Hey first off you gotta get your cholesterol levels checked if you are having circulatory problems in your legs. High cholesterol plus poor circulation equals better chances of forming blood clots which can travel to your heart and give you a .....yes heart attack.
Nocturnal cramps are basically a result of poor circulation during a time when your muscles arent actively working to push that deoxygenated blood through your body. My number one suggestion is to try doing stretches and go to the gym and build up those leg muscles. Or try putting your legs up on pillows this might help depending on the cause of your nocturnal cramps.
And apply the answer from the girl that spoke about lactic acid in the blood she's right. Dont go running around the house and then immediatly jump into bed ya gotta take your time. And Calcium depletion can cause bone pain. But if you lay in bed all day and dont do exercise to get your body to compact the Calcium into your bone you might have high levels of calcuim floating around in your blood stream and that also can be the cause of pain.
Oh yeah and make sure your drinking enough fluids throughout the day. Cut out the caffeine it dehydrates you and stop smoking cause it screws with your circulation. And if your on Birth Control go back to your doctor and either get the hell off those pill ASAP or get a lower dose pill!!!!!!

bad blood circulation, try putting one or two pillows under your legs, if that doesn;t help go to an orthopedist, it might be the cyatic nerve

Marilyn H
Sometimes leg cramps can also be from not enough potassium in your system.

Maybe you need more calcium. That can cause leg cramps. lack of calcium.

Crazy shopper
I am not a doctor but, I had similar thing ,you may lack some vitamines like B complex

Glenn B
Take quinine pills,

It's not potassium you lack it's salt. Either try putting more salt in your food, or you can get salt tablets that you will be able totolerate until you have had enough.

Do you take cholesterol lowering medicine? I read that these medicines can cause leg cramps.
Do you exercise and not stretch out afterwards? Maybe you need to stretch your muscles before bed. But, my first thought when I read your question was that you're not getting enough magnesium, or else you should drink gatorade before bed to get your sodium levels up in case your electrolytes are low. There is a blood test to check your electrolytes.

In general, muscle cramps can be caused by two things... lack of potassium/calcium... or build up of lactic acid.

The lactic acid build up happens when you are using the muscles for over a few minutes. If this might be the case, try to relax your legs for at least an hour before you go to bed.

For the lack of potassium/calcium, try eating a piece of fruit (preferable a banana) about a half hour before you go to bed. Our nursing instructor swears by this method.

Hope you feel better soon!

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