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I get a weird sensation then feel like i'm going to pass out??
ok this is hard to explain but.. 3 times in the past 3 weeks i've had a weird sensation where i lose focus and feel dizzy like im gonna pass out.. it hits me and happens really quickly and lasts for a couple of seconds, afterwards i feel a little dizzy and my eyes are out of focus for about 2/3 mins then i'm fine again?? other than this i have no health problems and think i'm fine.. but this has happened three times now and its scaring me a little.. anyone had a similar thing or know what it might be? thanks
Additional Details
in response to xxjuice06... i have had loads of bladder infections too.. could it be linked? I've been in hospital and had my bladder sorted now..

aunty m

I get that, I have no idea what it is.

I know it only happens to me when I get angry and want to smash someones face in, i wish i knew what it was as I am worried that one day I will lose it and I won't remember because this sensation takes over.

had the same thing - it turned out that i had a cerebral infarction / stroke - my bloodpressure was sky high and my cholesterol , go see the doc - dont rely on anything on here - hope everythings ok with you

Sounds like benign positional vertigo but best get it checked out by your physician.

Low blood sugar, low blood sodium, and low blood pressure could cause something like that. but if it passes by itself then we can fairly surely rule out the first two. Have you tried sitting down suddenly, or tightening your stomach muscles? Either of those things would counteract low blood pressure. I hate to say it, but seeing a doctor might be a good idea.

I see you have no health problems .But if i were you i would go and see your GP .I t could be low blood pressure or you are not eating proper???

You could be having petit mal seizures. I used to have them. I woud feel as though I was quite far away or very small in a strange way and would often be unable to speak if anyone spoke to me. It can be caused by stress. I think a visit to your GP would be a good idea.

I would go to the doctors about it if I were you.

Meanwhile, I had a similar thing when I had an ear infection, something to do with an upset of balance...

I also suffer with Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) which can make me feel like that too, so it might be an ear poroblem

Yes i have had that for most of my life but unfortunately for me it results in me actually passing out. I have a history of infection of the waterworks so make sure you are drinking plenty first off. I went to the doctors and was tested to see if i had an iron deficiency and was put on tablets so that could be a cause too. I'd see your doctor like i did just in case

Hon, I would really get straight to the doctors about this - there could be so many causes. Most likely its nothing serious, but its always better to get any symptoms checked out by the doc.
Are you eating properly for example?
you do need to get it sorted, i mean what if it happens when you are driving, or crossing a road or out and about in any other potentially dangerous situations? You could fall and cause yourself an injury when you pass out - please visit the doctors!!

I get that when my blood sugar is low. You should check with your doctor though, there is a few things it could be. Anything from lack of oxygen or blood to brain or you could even be having minor seizures. Be very careful when you feel these about to happen and sit or lay down in case you do pass out. Best of luck to you and find out soon.

yeah I'm stuck in a similar situation, usually happens when I get up from sitting/laying down, making a quick movement. Everything gets all woozy and I cant really see anything to clearly. I used to be anemic and that had these same symptoms, so I am guessing its back again. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow, gonna try to get some iron pills to help. I should probably try eating more. Although I don't have and "eating disorder" per sea, with school and a packed schedule, its hard to make time to eat healthy, or even eat at all sometimes. Simplest thing to do would be to just go in and get a blood test done, if it turns out you ARE anemic, its just a matter of popping an iron pill or two every day. Until then I would advise you to make sure you eat properly. No need to be scared, three times in three weeks doesn't sound TO bad, lol, I was at a point where EVERY SINGLE TIME I would get a shot, I would pass out. Good Luck and if i find out anything interesting from my doc tomorrow I'll let u know, which reminds me I should call and find out what time the appointment is...I forgot!

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