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this just started up yesterday morning, ...

I feel tired all the time, even when I just woke up. Does anyone know if There's something I can do about it?
Oh, and please don't answer if you only want to take the P*I*S*S. I will flag you because I have a real problem and I would appreciate real answers since I'm very worried about this
Additional Details
Thank you everyone. I think I'll try the vitamin and mineral supplement first and see how it goes. I think I might not be eating enough greens as well. And I'm very stressed because of my end of year exams at Uni so that might also be it. Thanks very much to all of you xx

Don't get worried if you feel tired all the time. It could be because if before you used to drink something with caffiene and you've stopped drinking it your body's just getting used to waking up without caffiene again. Or, if you're under a lot of stress it can affect your sleep and how refreshed you feel. When you wake up in the morning take your time and DO NOT bash your head around. Inside your skull is a small lining of some jelly-like things and they stop your brain from hurting itself when you move your head around a lot it cushions it when it hits the sides. If you're sleeping then your brain is one position for a long time and suddenly getting up bangs your head foward and you can get headaches and feel tired. Otherwise, see your doctor. Good luck!

uuum i always fell tired and i think its because i go to bed to early...i have far to much sleep and it makes me really tired the next day...maybes thats your problem...hope you find the answer x

Go to your doctors because you may be aneamic. A simple blood test will find out if you are.

you need iron, have a good breakfast of bran or cereal which contain alot of iron, vegetables are good for you unless you cant break them down to absorb the hoodness properly, i was told to eat spinach but it didnt work as the reason i was tired all the time was because i cant absorb the iron quick enough, try iron tablets but not too many a day as this can cause a stomach upset if you dont need it, also try gentle exercise like stretching or yoga it does help

I don't really sure what is your problem but I will help you. I think maybe you don't have enough rest or sleep. Try to sleep about 8 hours a day. It does work on me. Oh, how about you make a medical check up. It sure work. Maybe you have an unknown disease (not mean to scare you). Ok, this all I can help.

i feel the same, and i also feel like i never have any energy. do you?

try taking a multivitamin

jon f
you may have insomonia or extreme fatigue disorder(EFD)

michael b
could be diabetes.........get a blood test at the doctors

den invent
get more sleep

Do you smoke? this can cause people to be tired in the morning too. The same with coffee or caffine laden drinks late at night, will have the same effect. Try going to sleep at the same time every evening and having a warm bath or shower beforehand.

I do hope this helps. Good luck


Paul G

You don't tell us how old you are or what sort of life you lead.
There are numerous reasons why you feel tired.

1. Could you be depressed and not realise. This is a symptom

2. Under active thyroid.

3. M.E.

4. Diabetes.

Get yourself checked. Request a blood test. Good luck.

i know how you feel, getting fresh air helps me feel a bit more awake, and so does keeping busy.

i would see your doctor though to be on the sfae side.

Theres lots of things you should do.
From diet and exercise to having a check for diabetes, an low blood sugar.
Try getting some extra oxygen in your system before you start doing anything.
Is there a perticular patern as to when you feel the most tired?
Have a look at what you eat for breakfast, fruits will give a quick release of sugar and are a great help to kick start the body, as opposed to carbs that will give a slow release of energy.
But if your very worried then go see your G.P. or just pop into a health store an have a chat. There's plenty of avenues to explore.
Hope you feel more awake soon.

Usually, this means that there is something not right in your system. Go and see your doctor and he will give you a thororugh check up

There are several possibilities to go over. And the first two suggestions I have involve seeing a doctor!

The first, have you been checked for Mono?

Second, if you are anywhere near Arizona you may wish to get checked for valley fever.

Third, it is possible that your rhythm is out of whack. I know it is difficult, but spend a week with the curtains open when you go to bed. Go to bed soon after the sun sets and start getting up when the sun rises in the sky. The sun can seriously play a part in how tired you get during the day. You can also try taking melatonin pills. My students in China swore by them and how they helped them get back into the rhythm of sleep after study sessions threw them out of whack.

Fourth, start taking little naps at about 1pm for no longer than 60 minutes.

Fifth, watch your diet. Are you getting enough greens and fiber? Add a few more fruits and cut out all caffeine and artificial sugars that you can. Start taking good vitamins (centrum is an acceptable brand) to make sure that you are not lacking in something vital. Make sure that you are including dark greens in your diet and go for spinach to get the iron that most people are lacking.

Next, start eating about 6 times a day instead of three. This will spread your energy more completely through the day. But these meals should be smaller and more focused on healthy foods.

In addition, watch your hydration levels. Have at least one glass of water with a little lemon juice in it each day to help balance things out with your body, and be sure to drink several glasses of water each day. It does alter your ability to sleep well.

Finally, make sure you are getting the right amount of sleep. Both too much and too little can seriously mess with your day. Again, try rising and setting with the sun. Once you have your rhythm back in step you can move back to more reasonable sleeping times.

You might also want to find out if something is disturbing your sleep at night, such as a change in the garbage truck cycles, the mail carriers route, or a neighbor who gets home late. If it happens while you sleep you may never know that you keep getting woken up at night. Try getting a white noise machine if you suspect that, or leave your tv sound on white noise (staticy) without the picture (too much light in the room while you sleep).

Good luck.

Check your blood sugar levels. One of the symptoms of diabetes is being tired.

You could be lacking in certain vitamins and minerals...it may be worth the effort to try a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement. It certainly cant hurt you and may just be the answer to your problem.

Usually feeling tired when you just wake up means your not sleeping properly. Even if you think you are, my husband has restless legs and wasnt aware that he was twitching and jumping all night. He thought he was getting 8 hours and he couldnt understand why he was so tired when he woke. There are many things that can go wrong with our sleep so its worth seeing your G.P. He can run blood tests etc to help you work it out. Tiredness and sleep problems are one of the common reasons people visit the doc so dont be worried your wasting his time. You deserve to have some quality of life and if your anything like my husband was i doubt you are x

You should get a blood test, you may be aneamic or have an underactive thyroid, both of these would make you feel very tired all the time, maybe you need a course of vitamins, see your doctor maybe there is something he can give you.

my wife did a boots detox and she was bouncing after.it really worked

I didn't see this one suggested, so I'll throw it out there: Atypical Depression.

It happens to everyone once in a while and can definitely be brought on by things like the stress of exams.

Basically, taking good care of yourself can pull you out of it. It may take a few weeks.

Eat well and take a multivitamin.
Get out and exercise--preferably something that'll make you break a sweat.
Journal about anything and everything that's worrying you.
Then go talk to somebody about it.
If you feel overwhelmed, don't be afraid to ask for help.
Treat yourself when you cross a milestone, like done studying for one of your exams. Good luck, by the way!

i'm not sure what may be the cause of it - best if you get a doctor's advice. But I had this problem before, and someone told me to drink more fluids, especially fruit juices, smoothies type. It worked much better than those caffeine kicks!

You may want to have a look at your diet and exercise regime. If you are not getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals this can affect how you feel.

If you have a good diet and get enough regular exercise then pop along to your GP surgery and ask him for blood tests to check your iron levels, you could be anaemic. There are other things also along side this that a flood blood count could rule out. Ask also for your Thyroid levels to be checked.

Hope this helps.

Suggested problems:

1. Perhaps your iron is low. Go to the doctor and he'll probably have a complete blood count done to see how your red blood cells are doing.

2. Are you coming down with the flu or something? Sometimes your body's first defense is to make you rest.

3. Are you on your cycle? That always makes me feel really fatigued.

4. Are you getting enough exercise throughout the day?

5. Even though you may sleep at night, are you g etting a GOOD night's sleep? For instance, are you always a light sleeper? Is your mattress uncomfortable? Do you snore or have problems breathing while you sleep? Does your mind race while you are trying to drift off? All of these things can contribute to not feeling rested when you awake.

6. Have you tried mild sleeping pills (like tylenol PM)?

7. Try doing something relaxing, like yoga or journaling, right before bed.

Good luck and don't drive or make major decisions while you are sleepy. Go see your doctor if no improvement soon.

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