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I cry, like a lot! I dont know why? Any ideas?
I mean is there like a disease or disorder for people who cry a lot. I really try not to be so emotional but the tears just come. I cry when i am happy, when i am sad, when i am overly exited, when i hear sad things on the news, i mean why are my emotions so crazy? On average I cry about 4 times a week and it is driving me crazy. It feels like i have no control over my tears. My eyes look tired and puffy and i am sick of it, does this happen to anyone else? How can i cope with this? Am i like a freak!?!?

Try Prozac.

Could be either medical or emotional. Good thing is that you can define it. I would see a doctor and see if they can help you.

Whats your problem?
One word for you: hormones.
everyone goes through a part of life when their hormones do all the talking for them. Puberty, depression, pregnancy, stress, and that time of the month can grab your hormones and twist them upsidedown and insideout. It is completely normal for you to be experiencing the hormonal imballance if you are in puberty or if you are pregnant. depression and stress also trigger a hormonal imballance. Try talking to a trusted peer to let your thoughts and feelings out.

Hormones dude. I do the same thing. It's just a girl thing

You may be depressed. You are very sensitive and that is not a bad thing. Talk to a doctor about it. At times in my life I have cried a lot too. It is ok.

Gypsy Girl
Your not a freak but you may want to talk to a therapist about this. It sounds like you need help learning to control your emotions.

jare bare
And it's not just a girl thing. I, too can cry at the drop of a hat. With me, I think it is mainly loneliness and depression. I see bad things on the news, especially when it's about little kids being hurt, and I break out crying. I see kids outside playing and I cry because I miss my own kids. People say I should get on anti-depressants or something like that. No thanks. I'll just keep it natural and take my emotions as they are. You may decide differently. It's definitely a personal decision. I've just heard a lot about how anti-depressants can shut off your emotions completely. I don't want to be a robot.

old lady
No, you are not a freak, and yes, it does happen to other people, but the good news is you can do something about it. You are obviously reacting to something in your background that is triggered by a number of external influences. You need to make an appointment with a behavioral therapist, who can help you understand why this happens, and what you can do to control it. You can desensitize yourself to emotional binges -- that doesn't mean you won't be able to cry when it's appropriate. You will. But it means you won't break into tears for the least little thing.
So -- you don't have a disease or a disorder. You're just reacting to something that you need to uncover, and that will help you learn how to control your emotions a little better.
But you definitely aren't a freak!

Take a look at the state of the world, it's enough to make anyone cry!
Most likely hormones or depression.

well maybe u r depressed or really upset bout somin? r u ? i dont think its a disorder though? anyone else agree. i dont have very good advice. sorry

hope u get better.

Hey sweets... no, first of all you are not a freak. Please believe me, this happens to more people than you know. I have struggled with a very similar problem since I was 13. I was recently diagnosed with depression and have been on effexor, which, overall has seemed to help. Unfortunately, I also believe that some people are just emotionally stronger than others. But, that doesn't mean that you can't overcome this. Have you tried to talk to someone you really, really trust? My best friend and I can cry for hours, over really weird things, but sometimes that feels good, it just feels good to be able to cry with someone else. When you feel like you are "going to loose it", try taking some deep breaths and singing a song, whatever song pops into your head, this seems to help me. And please, find someone you can trust...and talk to them. I know this will help. Remember, strength in numbers. GOOD LUCK!!

Go ahead and let those emotions flow! It's not good to keep your feelings inside...I say cry away! It feels good!

You are not a freak.

Is it crying-crying or overproduction of tears?

If you think it's overproduction of tears, set up an appointment with an optometrist to examine your eyes.

It seems more feasible, however, that it is depression or some sort of anxiety disorder. Talk to a doctor about this. Tell her or him exactly what you have told us. They can prescribe medicine to treat you. Also, ask for a recommendation of a good counselor or therapist.

If you are a female:
-Is there any chance you could be pregnant? Pregnancy can throw your hormones out of whack.
-Does it only happen the week before or of your period? You could have PMDD which is an extreme form of PMS. This can be treated by anxiety and anti-depressant medications.
-You could potentially have some sort of hormonal disorder. It may be worth talking to an ob/gyn about.

Gracie Macie
Hmm. Do you cry for long periods of time? If so, you could have issues that you haven't dealt with that are bugging you under the surface. It's happened to me. If tears just come when you're happy and you stay happy and you dont cry for a long time, it just shows that you're secure in your emotions. There are masks you can buy that are clear plastic filled with a colorful liquid-heat these up in a microwave or hot water and put it on your eyes-thirty minutes and no one will be able to tell that you were crying. They're amazing. Just don't be afraid to show people your feelings (but it sounds like you're not)

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