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Alicia Z
I could sleep 20 hours out of the day. What is WRONG with me?
Am I sick? Depressed? I seriously would sleep forever if i didn't have to keep a job. It's not so much of a "I don't want to get out of bed" thing as it is a "I'm so tired. I think i'll go back to sleep" thing

Sounds like Mono, get to the doctor.

I am not a doctor and there could be several reasons why you feel so tired. Maybe you are not getting enough sleep or you could be anemic. Are you eating properly, taking vitamins, drinking plenty of water, sleeping okay at nite? Try these things and if you still are really tired and not able to get out of bed, make an appointment with your family doctor. They may want to run some tests to make sure you are healthy, physically as well as mentally. Hope this helps you and have a restful nite tonite.

i've been through how u r feeling well even now and again i feel like that again.What it is u r feeling down with ur self prob u job don't know if u have patterner or not but there not doing enough to make u happy.u need something to cheer u up.

I felt like that a wee while ago and got blood tests done and it was a really low iron count. So I'd recommend you go to the doctors.

You have to consult a doctor. I always watch House on cable and I have seen one episode where a woman sleeps almost all day.It's not normal to sleep 20 hours a day. Please see your doctor immediately.YOU ARE SICK!

I think maybe you should check with your doctor. My mom, dad, and brother all have sleep aptnia. It's not really a disease or anything. Sleep aptnia is when you stop breathing many times during the night and you don't get the rest you need. You feel like your sleeping, but it's not a deep enough sleep so you're tired all the time. Maybe you should have some tests done because more than likely you have it. There are pills you can have prescribed for you to help you stay awake during the day. Also surgery, or breathing machines. It's a rectangular machine that has a hose connected to a comforatable mask you wear at night and it kind of forces you to breathe. Not to the point where you can't sleep though. You really can't even tell you have it on. Best thing...check with a doc.

You're a teen with nothing to do. The more you do the more energy you will have.

Stephen D
you are tired

thyroid,low blood iron,mono, depressed, just to name a few. check out at your dr. have bloodwork drawn, just to be on the safe side.........

Jennifer /
could be depression.. or maybe you are just burnt out.. check with your doctor

I have been that way since I was little and they have not yet diagnosed it but I and the doctors think that it is possibly my thyroid because I am having problems with it and that is one of the problems it causes.

You're either not getting enough sleep, or you're depressed or stressed, ill health.

You may just not be very interested in living! Enjoy life!

your winning if your sleeping 20 hours a day. Think of how many people are "losing " sleep!

1st place

lucky chap . gimme some of it . i couldnt even sleep for 5 hrs

Are you bored as I feel this way and I put it down to boredom. On days when I have something interesting to do I am O.K.,It could be something think about sorry if it's no help

Mono is sometimes called the sdleeping sickness..or the kissing disease. You can get a mono test at the doctor and should know right away if you have it...My wife had it and slept for over 20 hours for 3 weeks staight. you need to see a doctor about this because it can develop into Chronic fatigue of Guanne Barr.

who cares sleep your life away DREAM IT UP

This could the be a sign of depression or severe anemia. Go to your physician, have him/her do blood work to check for anemia and go from there.

first of all if you don't have a thermal illness the ony thing i can come up with is that you are one more sorry a** mother pucker you know what i mean on the other hand if u r sick and taking medicine than u can't help but sleep and if u r that depressed u need to change ur doctor

a sign of depression perhaps?

check to see if you have mono. you have the hypersomnia, def. see someone.. i would suggest a Dr. for a blood test.. but go to an acupuncturist or herbalist for treatment.

you could be severely depressed.

You need to force yourself to get out of bed and workout. Your body is weak from inactivity. You should start eating right and getting plenty of workouts to bring your body out of it's slump. You are a candidate for heart troubles.

Maybe you're catching up on lost sleep that you missed maybe even years ago.

Babe, obviously you are the one and only sleepy vampire. You should just find a job that requires sleeping.

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