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I can no longer work because of physical disabilities, but I can't get any help because I have no income. Help
I have deterioration in upper and lower spine. I have 2 herrington rods in my spine that should have been removed too many years ago. I have Marfan Syndrome. My ankles, knees, hips, and shoulders are greatly affected by the disorder. I can't stand without pain or assistance of a cane. I can only walk short distances without too much pain from my spine. I have worked manual labor jobs all my life because the opprotunity to better myself always came in second to my family's need to be provided for. I made many wrong decisions in life, starting with choosing my partner to have a family with. I was a single mom that had to keep a roof over the childrens head and food in their stomach, so I worked any job that I could get my hands on. Now they are raised, I can't physically work anymore, and I have no means of income. If I get any more poor, I'll lose the only thing that I have: my home. The thought of being homeless is scarey. How can I get help?

go to a women's shelter

You must not live in America then because if you did you could apply for assistance. You could collect disability as well as get food assistance for your children.

I have no idea how to do it I just know it's available.

Gypsy Girl
Apply for public assistance. If you are in the US you can apply to Social Security Disability to get some money each month. You may be eligible for other forms of assistance.

I would IMMEDIATELY talk to an attorney that deals with disability..if they don't win, you don't pay. This process of course will take several years..Took me 4. We have all made mistakes that we wish we could take back and redo..call the churches, all cities have food banks..check on food stamps..if you qualify you will get them within 10 days. I am assuming your kids can't or won't help you. There are several places to help with utilities, etc. If you lose your home (and I hope you don't) apply for govt. housing..it's based on your income..You may be able to medical coverage too..First talk to a lawyer, then go to apply for food stamps, medical aid etc at dept of Human Services..then go to the food bank/call the churches..most churches will help even if they only give you food for 2 weeks. Catholic charities will also help (if there is any $ available). I have been where you are several times..My heart goes out to you.

Apply for soc. sec. benefits, medicare, and ask your church and the Salvation Army for help. Your children should be helping you out also.

you may qualify for SSI. if you have worked long enough, you might be able to get social security if you are totaled out by a doctor.

you could start by applying for SSI, there are attorneys that specialize in helping people in your situation. They won't charge you anything except if you win, and I believe that cost is very low. Another bonus is that benefits start from the time the dissbility began, so you may get a chunk of money and then normal monthly checks after that.

Good Luck

First of all you need to go see a lawyer RIGHT NOW. Apply for Disability and SSI. Also, go NOW and apply for all the help you can get, including but not limited to: food stamps, welfare, TANF, housing assistance, energy assistance, etc. Also, there are many churches that will pay bills for you until you can get help elsewhere. Don't be afraid to ASK FOR HELP. Yeah, you are going to hear a lot of the word "No", but if you don't ask, no one will ever tell you "Yes".

lindsey s
you could contact your local food pantry they usually will donate money but then you could contact the gov't and get on welfare

Have you thought applying for Social Security Disability? In the meantime, please talk to your county health department and economic support office. Don't be afraid to talk to your local Salvation Army too and go to the food pantries.

I am also attaching some general disability resources for you.

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