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I'm doing an informative speech on autism, what should be my visual aid?

I would use a power point and embed links of children with autism from the U tube. They have a lot of info and video of actual children. Another issue that I would discuss in the presentation are the so called cures that give parents like me a false sense of hope. To the average uneducated person the so called cures seem convincing and real however parents can go broke trying to cure their child. Because you will have people like Nicole who will lie and say they have an autistic child and promote for profit. ABA is the only therapy that is backed by data. If her suggestion is the cure all for autism why are we having this discussion. It seems she has the cure with link to her site and all. Truth is there is no cure for Autism however there are different therapies that can help. Focus on medications, occupational, speech, and physical therapies, ABA, bio-medical, and diet. I asked you to present a full scale view of ASD not a one sided view as Nicole is suggesting. Also I have two sons affected by ASD and I research every night and 3 and 4 in the morning on the internet looking for hope. There are a lot of "Quacks" out there. Please do not go into your presentation as Nicole has suggested only presenting a one sided view because you will be faced with a lot of questions and refuts by your audience. Tell the facts and present all info availble about ASD. I know this is a lot of info however I need you to inform your classmates and they will inform others. It really help parents like me cope with the stares and glares from people when your child is in the middle of Walmart having a meltdown. Good luck!

Carol E
This is a tough question to answer when we don't know who is in your audience, or what is the purpose of your speech. Will your audience be students completing degree as teachers, social workers, psychologists, RNs? Or is the purpose to give other high school students some basic info, so that they can be more compassionate towards students who are included in regular ed classes? As you can see, as parents we are passionate about not giving up on our children, and trying to read as much as we can, balancing on that tightrope of being positive, hopeful, optimistic, never giving up,etc. vs. being realistic, realizing that there are some people who will try to scam us, just to make a profit, but also dealing with the frustration of knowing that things which help our child are often not covered by any insurance, are usually expensive, and are often not researched, and thus not given validity because NO ONE is willing to spend millions of dollars setting up large scale trials EXCEPT for drug companies, who know that they will make many times that amount in profits if they can show any results- and especially NO ONE in the government is willing to say that something in the vaccines-probably the thimerosal (mercury,used as a preservative) is a major factor,becuse of liability. Please look at the information on the Autism Research Institute's site (especially the DAN protocol- Defeat Autism Now), which was founded by the late Dr. Bernard Rimland, who was highly praised as the man who debunked the old myth that "cold refrigerator moms" caused autism. If you are taking a college psych class, you probably learned about him. He also founded the ASA (Autism Society of America)-check out their website,too. He was highly respected in the medical and psychiatric community until he started to believe that autism was possibly a result of physical causes, such as environmental things like vaccines, antibiotics, etc., which affected the function of the brain, and that the condition could be improved, or perhaps eliminated if we could help the physical systems in the body to function properly, by eliminating toxins (chelating metals, eliminating yeasts, viruses), and strengthening and supporting the body by adding nutrtional supplements.
I believe that he will be vindicated, and that there will be studies which lead to more effective treatments, because we are at a crisis point in our system, with 1 in every 150 children having ASD. Many are, or will be, receiving SSI, because of being unable to work. Many will need care for the rest of their lives if we don't do something. That often means that a parent can't work, and that the child will be in tax-payer funded care, or sheltered workshops, etc. after they are 18. So there will be 2 people who aren't paying into the Social Security system for many years, who would otherwise be doing so. The higher stress on the parents means higher rates of single/divorced parents, and higher rates of parents who are disabled because of stress-related diseases as well.
I am very hopeful that we will have answers soon, but I don't know how much damage will be able to be reversed for older children like my son, who is now 18.
Anyway, it is also important that you understand that it is not caused by poor parenting! Since it is not a disability which is as visible as Downs syndome, for example, and since it may not be diagnosed until a child is in school, there are very high rates of parents who have had total strangers make comments like "What that child needs is a good spanking", or "Why is that parent allowing the child to act like that?, etc. when the child is having a tantrum. There are also extremely high rates of people reporting parents for investigation for child abuse or neglect to agencies such as Children and Youth, or Dept. of Social Services, etc. (the names vary from state to state). Parents of young kids who don't sleep hardly at all, and run out of the house, or climb out of windows, etc. are especially at risk. Most of these are labeled "unfounded" after the mandatory investigation is completed, but it adds stress, and stigma to parents who are already over-burdened. This is another system which is broken, and needs to be fixed.
Eliminating food colorings and preservatives (Feingold diet), food allergy testing, and vitamin supplementation (probiotics,flaxseed oil, etc) gave major improvements to my son. If I had money for chelation (probably using Dr. Andy Cutler's low-dose protocol), and hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and the Scientific Learning Corporation's Fast ForWord program, I believe that they would also be helpful. Certainly, he had been helped by PT,OT,speech therapies, special ed, programs like Challenger baseball, Special Olympics, etc. If he were younger, I would certainly do intensive ABA, and I would start the dietary stuff at a much earlier age.

Real pictures of children with autism doing various things, the 'typical' (not that there is a typical so much in asd) autistic things, showingt hem eating, runnign, playing, and even laughing. Show that they are REAL children who although they may appeared trapped in their own minds, they can love, learn and grow up.

Frank S
Maddy, as the father of a child with autism who has significantly improved using Son-Rise, I have presented on the topic of autism several times in the past and have been ask to present three more times this year. I do several things that have the audience imagine what it is like to be autistic. One idea is to play a video segment at 4x or 8x the speed and then ask the audience what happened. Then replay the video at normal speed to demonstrate how the senses of most autistic people do not integrate what they receive and therefore they withdraw into their own world of self stimulating behaviors. I also like to bring in a part of something that is not obvious and ask everyone what it is, then I put the part back into the device to demonstrate that if you can’t integrate the pieces, you will miss the whole. That is another analogy to being autistic. Another thing I do is have the audience perform a self stimulating behavior for at least 30 seconds that is somewhat meditative (rock back and forth, eyes closed, chanting something) and then ask what they experienced. Then I talk about how using a positive approach, like Son-Rise, Floortime, or RDI in a non-distracting environment can be a key to interacting with autistic children that have not been successfully reached with traditional methods like ABA. I also talk about the palliative nature of the self-stimulating behaviors (known as stims) just the like the meditative exercise. I then talk about the concept of replicating the stim in order to build a bond with an autistic child. I hope these ideas help with your presentation. (FYI: I also wanted to note that Shone B. listed the wrong price for phone consultations, the lowest price is $155 for a 50 minutes consult, the initial 25 minute consult is free, and often I speak to or send a short e-mail to a facilitator or teacher who gives me advice at no charge. I got these prices by talking directly to ATCA, which is a non-profit charitable organization according to the IRS. I too received a partial scholarship to attend their Start-up program and have not spent over $2600 for my Start-up and additional consults which is less than a third of my family's annual health insurance costs and insurance doesn’t provide any autism coverage for any ASD specific therapies including ABA. Shone B.'s estimate of $20,000 seems to be a scare tactic, the biggest cost is the time for one-on-one work with my child, but that has many rewards that are well worth the time spent. Even Dr. Lovaas, creator of ABA, states that ABA works best one-on-one in an intensive setting during early intervention. ABA didn’t work well for my child and that is when I tried Son-Rise and it has changed our lives forever.)

Shone B,
Please remember that we're all on the same side here...trying to cope with and finding treatments for autism. It's self-defeating to this endeavor if we demean/ridicule those who promote alternative treatment regimens...especially those that have a positive orientation. As for criticizing "Son Rise" as a profit-oriented program...one could also level such a charge against the medication approach to autism: pharmaceutical industries reap huge profits from medications like those approved for autism.

Wow, you certainly got more than you asked for here, didn't you, Maddy? Parents of children on the autism spectrum generally have a lot to say. :) I am a parent of a child with autism... A very handsome, silly little boy. I'm very familiar with meltdowns in Walmart, expense, expense, lots of treatments to research, more expense, more research, expense.... Still, I think that concentrating on positives will help our cause by keeping the attention of your audience. I immediately thought of a 5000 piece puzzle scattered as your visual. You might even pass out 3-4 pieces to people. What are the chances that they will actually get pieces that fit together? Have them take 10 minutes to go around looking for pieces that fit. Re-group, and make the point that those who ask questions and put everything they had into it are the ones most likely to find a missing piece. Yes, the pieces are scattered and a parent's job of fitting things together can be work, but didn't you meet some new people? Didn't you feel a sense of accomplishment when you found a piece that was highly unlikely to find?...it could go on and on. I don't think there is a reason to point out one puzzle piece as better or worse than another. They are all there because they found a place somewhere. Aba is out there because it has shown success for someone somewhere. Son-Rise is out there because it has shown success... Greenspan.... Pivitol Response.... chelation.... RDI.... Long, long list.......

You could use an umbrella to emphasize the autism umbrella and that it is a spectrum disorder affecting each person differently. You could also use cute pictures of kids with autism, from the Internet, and put them under the umbrella tied with string.


Faith C
Autism is such a complicated disorder. No 2 kids on the spectrum are the same. I am mommy to a wonderful 8 year old who is valiently working through the challenges of autism. You have already received lots of great answers. I will just post my experience as a mommy about what has helped us.

Whenever I am doing presentations, I ask the listeners to imagine themselves suddenly transported to another planet, where the language, customs and idioms of life are totally different from what they had experienced before. I ask them how they would feel and how they would want to be treated to help them maximise their experience. I think empathy is the first step to true understanding. I use that to talk about the various issues faced by people with autism.

The most imortant thing to me has been my willingness to always hope for more for my son. Encouragement from parents and professionals that he can continue to make significant progress has taken me through very dark days. We run a full time sonrise program. I haven't found it to be expensive, as others may think. The autism treatment center of america has helped me with scholarships, and I have found teachers and therapists willing to use the sonrise approach when providing him with the related services on his IEP. We also do a variety of biomedical interventions. Encourage people that there is so much information that we don't have about autism, that we cannot afford to be locked into conventional approaches. Always be hopeful and always be on the lookout for the 'cure'. After all, isn't that what we do for every other disorder and disease?

Over the past 2 years doing sonrise, Jaedon has moved from communicative sounds to words to 2 - 3 word combinations, to SPONTANEOUS 2-3 word combinations to interest in being read to, and now, he is even mostly potty trained! Understanding and hope have really helped us stay the course, as we continue the work of helping him grow.

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