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How to make a swollen throat go down..PLEASE HELP!?
Right now it is way to late to go to the doctors and the problem is, is the back of my throat is terribly swollen to where it's making it difficult to breathe. I'm so afraid I'm going to dye. I have a high fever, headache, dizzyness, and a sore throat. I know it may be a strand of tonsilitis, but for now I need to make the swelling go down. Please any advice....

P.S I can't even go to the doctor until monday, because our doctor only works week days. I just need advice on how to make the swelling go down...Please help I'm litteraly freaking out here, I'm 15 and the last thing I want is to die by suffercating.

glenda w
to sooth your sore throat gargle with warm salt water you can find the measurements on the Internet under sore throat.Drinking chicken broth helps a lot The brand Knorr is real good.Talk to your caretakers about medication for your headache and sore throat.

all u need 2 do is 2 quit drinking too cold
that's bad 4 u
you need a rest all the day
you need 2 go and check 4 a doctors's a dvice
work out and gargle a water with salt

hip lady wants YA fixed
gargle with as hot as you can stand salty water several days before going to the doc. that's what he will say and take antibiotics

First think you need to do is relax.
Secondly you must take something for the fever like paracetamol/acetaminophen but not too much, one every 6 hours.
Drink plenty of fluids.

If you have some antibiotics around, although it's not recommended without a doctor's prescription, you should try taking some penicilin according to what the "box" says. Once every 6 hours is prolly best.

buy those lolly pops that help your throat

hope you get better

is anyone home with you? if breathing becomes hard, call 911 or go to a neighbors house. they will take care of you.

take Motrin or Advil...you probably have strep, you should not wait until Monday, you need to go to a Urgent Care type place, you could try the ER but you will wait forever and be charged an arm and a leg. look in your local phone book for after hours clinics, and tell your parents.....

Gargle with warm salty water. And I heard A couple of bites of a raw potatoe.

i wzs gonna say try some ice , chorlaseptic , um thorat spray , but if the doctor is bnot open i would go to the ER .. is better to be safe then sorry tell ur parents also .. or some one thast can drive it dont matter what time it is .. dont take that chance i would go straight to the er if i were you .. hope u feel better .. godbless

It's O.K. Just make you a cup of hot chocolate or something hot. It will help. It sounds like you have strep throat. You can also take a warm shower or breath steam from hot water or something like that. It will relax the muscles in your throat and sooth the irritation. DO NOT GARGLE SALT WATER, it will make it hurt worse. When you have that much irritation no salt or orange juice or strong drinks. If you use the steam I promise it will feel better. I've had strep many times. You will have to go to the Dr. soon to get antibiotics. Heat is just a quick fix to help. If you have a humidifier use it in your room with your door closed to keep all the moisture in there. Don't get so upset, it will only make it worse, you will be fine.

OK try taking as hot water as you can drink,as you will not be drinking it but gargling with it and all you need to do is add salt to it.....gargle with salt water...goood luck,if this dont work consult a doc...

If you are carrying a fever with this sore throat, you could have strep throat...which is contagious and dangerous. Can someone take you to the ER? You need to get started on antibiotics right away. For right now though, go gargle with warm salt water. Please get this checked out.

racer 51
have you told your folks about this? i'm sure if it's serious they'll take you somewhere. in the mean time, gargle with a bit of warm salt water for the pain and maybe get a throat spray.

Do you have no parents at your house that can take care of you?

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