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wanda j
How to get rid of drainage in the ear?
I have had pressure on my left ear and some drainage what can I do

get your ears syringed it may not be a comfortable process but it will definatlly help and probely clear it up

hpw this helps

god bbless


Diane A
You can make a warm compress and lie down on it w/ the left ear on it. This will make the ear run and drain more - you may have built up fluids in your ears. Another thing you can do is go to the store and get swimmers ear drops this will dry it out.

if it's a one-off thing, use an ear wax removal product. These kits usually have ear drops that will dissolve the wax, ear plugs to keep the drops in place for a while, and a small bulb that you would fill with water to flush the drops and wax out of your ear after a set amount of time (read the label on the box). If your ear has been a problem for more than 10 days, see your doctor, you may have an ear infection or undiagnosed allergies that may require an allergy medication (if sudafed clears up the problem, then it may very well be allergy caused). My husband had the same problems as you are, but over several years and in both ears. When he finally went to the doctor, the doctor told him the problem could be allergies and put him on the generic Flonase, which cleared his ear troubles up within the week.

Clint E
after swimming my ears get water in them I shake my head all around and low and high ...might have to hang upside down.

but I aint no doc

Candace C
Sudaphed will work, and so will Mucinex. You may have congestion in your ear canal due to drainage. I am going through that right now. I put a few drops of rubbing alcohal in my ears and then take a decongestant. Best wishes! I know how annoying this can be! :)

vicky t
You can tilt your ear and pour peoroide in your ear. And that will sometimes help with the drainage

My doctor always recommends Sudafed Plus. It's a decongestant and an antihistamine so it helps open your eustation tubes to let the pressure off and dries up the fluid.

Here's a link about it:


SERIOUSLY! its painful and doesn't always work.

take a blower dryer and tip your head so that the ear with the drainage is facing the floor. then low dry into it and it clears it up! i swearrrrrrr

There is a good little drug out there called Sudaphed. The chemical name of this drug is pseudophedrine. What this drug does is dry up the mucus membranes and that is what you need. This little pill works wonders for ears that have water in them. This drug is also over the counter I believe, you have to go to the counter to ask for it. Good Luck and Blessings !!!!

If there is drainage from your ear then your eardrum may have broken. If that is true, you don't want to put anything in your ear! Not even water.
Just put warm compress on. If you don't want to see a doctor then you should not put anything into your ear until the eardrum heals again.

Sometimes when you have an ear infection, the fluid pushes so hard on the ear drum that it finally breaks, pain subsides and fluid comes out through the eardrum. Eardrum will heal but may leave a scar if this happens too many times.

When children get tubes in their ears, this is kind of what happens. The tube goes through the eardrum to keep it open so the fluid can drain out and not push on the eardrum and cause pain.

If you get a high fever, then you need to go to the doctors.

Sounds like a possilbe ear infection, fluid trapped in the ear....I actually just finished taking antibiotics for an ear infection. I read that it is NOT wise to stick Q-tips in your ear, so be careful...If you clean your ears with either a Q-tip, or your finger--what happens is--the Q-tip/finger could actually PUSH the earwax further in the ear, thereby creating a blockage, where water, and excess earwax cannot get drained...There's some good info online, which I'll provide the link for you below...Some good things you could do for now are:
1.) Take Sudafed or Benadryl. A decongestant, and an antihistamine will help decrease swelling in the area of the Eustachian tube. Extra Strength Tylenol will help with pain.
2.) Go see your doctor. You may need some antibiotics...like Amoxicillan.
3.) Try pinching your nose, then blowing out air into your cheeks...Wait until you hear a POP, which helps alleviate the pressure in the ear!
4.) Use a heating pad for your ear...The heat may help.
Keep in mind, that if you do have an ear infection...It'll probably clear up in a couple days...However, fluid drainage can sometimes take upto 3 months. Be patient.
Hope I've helped...and remember to check out the link below!

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