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me who?
How to clear yellow eyes?
the whites of my eyes are yellow. I have seen a doctor (not a very good one) and hes said that my eyes have an extra layer of skin which is yellow. He said this is becasue of the strain my eyes have had. Is there any truth in this?.

What i was to embaressed to talk about was the fact i always had trouble going to the loo for No. 2's. This would mean a lot of toxins built up in my liver and blood stream being deposited in the skin right?. Well thats my own conclusion but i have had yellow eyes for years, is it too late to bring back the whiteness?. I have no trouble with my diet or going to the toilet now.
Additional Details
not sure if the opticians would beable to help me, but a doctor would.

Look up 'gilberts syndrome' on the web. I have this. Although you need blood tests to rule out liver conditions that are serious.

Or a problem with your kidneys (Maybe kidney stones), where they are not filtering out the toxins in your blood (just water).

Paul Anthony F
This may indicate problems with your liver I have noticed many Asian people have this problem
Go to a doctor or Homoeopath . Any sort of cosmetic fuddling about will NOT help

Go back to your GP and ask if you can have a blood test for Liver function. When the results of that come back, get a follow up if you need to.
BUT --- only come back here for support and not a diagnosis.

Jaundice is the yellowing of the white of the eyes and the skin. It occurs sometimes in
babies cause the baby's liver hasn't develop
enough yet to handle the bilirubin. However,
in adults, it could be because of liver or blood
diseases. To see if you have this, the best
thing to do is to go outside to view it, indoor
lighting can mask it.

Let me explain what happens when the liver
becomes damaged. It might make it a little
clearer to you so you can decide if you need to
seek further treatment.

The liver has many functions it performs. One of
those functions is shared with the Spleen and
that is to convert the dead red blood cells into
a product that the body can use for another
purpose. They take these red blood cells
that have died and use them to make a
substance known as bilirubin, which is a
green colored solution, that combines with
other substances to make up the Bile to help in the digestions of fats in our bodies. The liver
has tube like structures in it know as "ducts" and
as it goes out of the liver, it forms larger ducts.
Through these ducts, flow the bile to be stored
in the gallbladder, just under the liver, or to
go to the intestines and is released there...when
we eat fats, to help in digestion of them.
If the liver becomes damaged, it can also damage these ducts causing them to clog,
become twisted, mal formed, or a stone to
develop, etc, blocking the bile from flowing
properly to the intestines. It backs up the bile
in the liver causing more damage to the liver cells and then the bilirubin leaks out into the
blood instead. Bilirubin can be tested by
a simple blood test to show its level in the blood.
When it is in the blood, it is deposited easily into
the white of the eye and skin. Since this is
a toxin, the kidneys will try to remove it when
it filters the blood and the urine...that urine usually looks like a light to med yellow, becomes darker in color to a dark yellow..to orange..to a deep brown color depending on how much is in the blood. Since this bilirubin isn't reaching the intestines because of the blockage, etc...the bowel movements may appear lighter in color, cause the bilirubin is what supplies the color, and they may float on the water because the fat hasn't been digested properly.

Here is a link to tell you the common conditions
associated with liver disease:

Now, there is also disease where the Spleen
may be enlarged and can trap the cells flowing
through it there. Usually the healthy cells can
leave the spleen, but because it becomes
inflammed, trap them there and therefore that
might mean that not only are they converting
the dead red blood cells into bilirubin, but also
the living cells are dying there and being converted also. So it could also be a disease of the blood or Spleen.

The point I am trying to make is to see if your
doctor will run more frequent blood tests on
you to check your Bilirubin, liver function, and
liver enzymes and find out why you have this
yellowing of the eyes. Waiting too long when
it is a liver problem could make your condition
irreversable. If the liver has inflammation, it
can be treated, if it progresses to where the
cells of the liver start to die...there isn't much
to help the liver but to try to slow the process
of destruction. You could also find a doctor to
refer you to a Hepatologist who is a specialist
in the liver and knows more what to look for.

As far as this being a problem with your eyes...
I have never heard of this.

hepatitus is a possibility. Have it checked! it causes liver damage too.

I would obtain a new doctor right away. Also I think you may be right that the toxins are building up and being left in a few places in your body. Yellow tints can be attributed to your liver not being able to break down the red blood cells correctly. Obvisously your liver is working but may not be working 100 percent.

Go to the hospital or new doctor asap.

I had jaundice once, and I remember my eyes didn't just turn yellow but everything I looked at also also had a yellow tint. All that went away when my liver healed . My eyes are white again. Have you had any blood tests for liver function done lately? If not, get thee to a doctor.

James P
you may have hepatitis. My skin had a yellow tinge to it. My eye whites were yellow. my stools were pale to white. I was very nauseous at times -smells like foods- perfumes yuk!! I was very tired.

My dad's eyes turned yellow-Bad gall bladder-Stones backed up into his liver-Liver damage. Dr said his gall bladder had been rotten for years, but had caused no problems until 1 week before emergency surgery.

I would try an optician they would be more qualified to help you.

You need to see an ophthalmologist. When the whites of the eyes turn yellow it is often a sign of jaundice...disease of the liver. The ophthalmologist (MD) will be able to evaluate what this is and if need be, refer you to a better internist who will be able to monitor your treatment to get you over this.
Don't wait to do this. Most hospital ophthalmology clinics have walk in availability.

Get a 2nd opinoin mate could be liver damage too.

First, I understand being embaressed discussing bodily functions, but trust me there is nothing that you could say that a doctor or nurse hasn't already heard. I'm worried that your doc doesn't have all the information to give you a good diagnosis.

Have you had any lab work done to rule out liver problems? A simple blood test called a CMP(Complete Metabolic Panel) can be done or ask for a LFT(Liver Function Test). The doc can't help you if he doesn't have all the information.

You might try writing down all your concerns or symptoms and then hand it to the nurse or doctor. That helps bring up the topic without having to have the courage to say it. You will be surprised how easy it will be to talk to the doc after the subject is brought up and you will feel so relieved after it is over.

If you don't feel comfortable talking to your doc and you said he is "not a very good one" try finding another doc, a physician assistanct or a nurse practitioner. Now a days you have to advocate for your own health, so keep going til you find an answer that makes sense to you!

You didn't say what type of doc you went to see. So, if your liver testing is okay, and you haven't seen one, try going to an ophthamologist(eye specialist). An ophthamologist can tell you what is going on with your eyes and if treatment is available.

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