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 Have you ever had?
when i was 10 i got scratched by my cat on the neck and got "cat scratch fever" have you ever had that? just wondering i think i'm the only person that has had it
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 What can cause numbness/tingling in an otherwise healthy 25 year old?
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 Have i got a urine infection noticed some blood last night and it is very yellow and thick also i feel sick an

 Preventing kidney stones....?
I've had an awful experience with kidney stones before...it included intense pain, getting very ill, 3 trips to the ER and eventually, having them surgically removed.

I noticed the ...

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i'm really need to pass urine and i can't and i'm really uncomfortable not in pain just uncomfortable please some help ...

 Insomnia help please!?
I have terrible insomnia, and have for my whole life. My biggest problem is my inability to get my brain to shut off for the night. I've recently been taking coffea cruda and its been helping, ...

 Does anyone know where I can find a two piece swimsuit for my son?
Ok here is the problem... I have a 2 year old who has a colostomy (his intestine sticks out of his stomach and thats how he goes #2). And I cant seem to find anyone that has a two piece swim suit (...

 What is the point 2 smoking??????

 My 19 yr old son got chicken pox any info on how bad he will get thanx?
its first time his had them /my wife has never had them either
Additional Details
he is totally covered from head to foot in his mouth so he cant eat either but drinking plenty water i ...

 OCD?please help me.?
I have depresiion problems and im very sensitive i think i may have OCD because...
-i count everything words,steps,tiles in the floor anything [i count it a certian way using an image of a face]<...

 My husband Has a wierd stomach problem that no Dr. can seem to diagnose, can anyone relate?
Okay. At first it just looks like acid-reflux, but its more like compulsive vomiting throughout the day. He can control the compulsion to some degree, and manages to not loose all of his nutrition. H...

 How do you get rid of explosive diarrhea?
I have had it for a few days now and it is pretty bad. Any hints on how to get rid of it? Thanks!...

 If I'm cold does it mean there are ghosts sitting on my lap?
I'm cold...
should I be spooked out?...

 Alcohol caused liver damage?
Since wine intake can cause liver damage, can vinegar also have a similar effect , since it too is made from wine. Or does that process alter the chemical makeup and damage is avoided?...

 How Can I get Sick?
I have a concert coming up and I do not wish to go. How can I get something along the lines of a sore throat? Or a stomach virus (like I feel like throwing up)? Best answer gets chosen....

 Am I hearing impaired/deaf?
I have a very, very loud voice and I don't know how loud I am when I'm talking, I just think I'm talking at normal volume. I can hear most things, but I'm always asking people to ...

 Why am i always sick??
It has been a while since i felt well...I always have either a cold or an ear infection...and i am always in some sort of pain...why can't i get better for a while?...

 Constipated badly?
Hi im nineteen and have been suffering with constipation for a few months now but its getting worse. I know its manky but my stools are rock solid and it hurts so much going to the loo. Feels like im ...

 Coughing up blood?!?!?
ok my friend is sick,he is coughing up blood,weak in the legs,is light headed,has 10 minute blackouts,stomach pain,Painful and hard to breath,those are the symptoms and he has had appendecitis ...

How much xanax can you take @ one time??

old and ugly
Send me all you can spare and I'll take notes till I pass out, then I'll get back to you.

krysten p
i would say none

The dosage that your physician has prescribed to you.

Addiction, real fun my friend....

Debbie B
Your prescribed amount! If you take too many and end up at the end of the month doing without, you'll have a seizure. My husband had one, it was very scary... very upsetting. Please follow your doctors orders. I take xanax myself and I'm prescribed 4 a day. I only take them when I feel like I need them so there's not a constant flow in my blood stream, just as needed.

I could probably stuff a whole bottle in my mouth at once. The thing is, when you're dealing with a drug like Xanax, you don't want to treat it like a pie-eating contest. Just take the amount your doctor prescribed for you. If you don't have a prescription, don't take it at all and avoid the felony charges and/or the potentially fatal overdose.

bcd da rap

Cara M
It would depend on a lot of things, how used you are to it, your weight, your body make-up. I have abused my Xanax when I had really bad panic attacks. And I am lucky to be alive. I do not even take it anymore. If it is not prescribed for you, don't take it, and if it is just take it as prescribed. Controlled drugs are nothing to be played around with.

It depends if you're a drug addict and what your tolerance is.

xanax comes in a range from 0.25mg tablets to 2mg tablets.

There is a huge difference between how much you CAN take vs how much you SHOULD take.

You should follow your doctor's written orders. If the medication is ineffective, set an appt. and discuss with her/him. You don't want to mess around.

Xanax withdrawal can cause seizures. didn't believe it until it happened to me. Be very careful!

a prof.of neurologist advised me to have 2 doses of xanax of .125mg

Sometimes you can take two at a time. What does your prescription say? It also depends on the dosage/mil. Taking more than prescribed could be deadly.

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