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tanor s
How long does it take to recover from death?
NO stupid answers please?

excuse me..... r u okay coz diz is a funny question.... lyk duhhhh no human being will eva recover after death their souls will recover in the life here after nd it will recover wen it has to talk to god.......

The grieving process is different for everyone. It is widely accepted that there are 5 stages of grief. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

All people who are grieving go through all stages. It is normal to vacillate from one to the other. The method of death can sometimes make the event even more tragic or traumatizing. If you lose a baby, it is much more tragic for you than if you lose your grandmother that is 95. You grandmother's death would be seen as a sad but natural event, while the baby's death would be considered unnatural and inconsolably tragic.

Being the surviving spouse whose wife or husband hanged themselves could be so traumatizing that a person may never recover from grief.

Grief is a personal journey for everyone. Be kind to yourself. Seek counseling if you are feeling overwhelmed. Good luck to you.

Lord Sesshomaru
Approximately in 500 years, because that's how long history takes to repeat itself.

3 days.

kevin p
never because your dead

God ! Are you asking about GHOSTS ?

So you believe in karma, i`d say less than a second. some times people die and the can be reanimate by electrical shocks how long you can be death before they stop to do that is a medical question, you should ask a nurse or something.

That completely depends on how one died and for how long. Could take only a couple of minutes. Could take 3 months. If you are searching for a real answer you should qualify your question more specifically.

if you believe in judgement day, i think you will be recovered by then. if God thinks you are a good person it should be like a blink of an eye to be recovered but if you are not then your hell may begin before the judgement day and it may feel like forever.
(of course this answer made me think whether somebody is determined as good or bad before the judgement day, hmm)

dear tanor,really depends on your relationship with the person..
I lost some very special people(3)in a short space of time and found that the old adage that time does heal ,plus lots of TLC from friends and a good grief councillor.you probably never get over this but you do learn to move on and accept it . remember they are in a better place(I'm NOT religious)and you were very special to have them in your life cheers felicity

† Dark Prince †
To Recover From Death ?
That Makes No Sense At All.

If You Mean Like Losin Someone You Love Thats Not Something You Can't Fully Recover From. Time Will Help.

Please ad some more information to your question.
Do you mean the death of a relative or friend?
Or do you mean a person who has died and then been revived?
I can answer both but need more info please.

Holly M
Wehn recovering from the loss of a loved one, it can take no time at all, or the rest of your life. It really depends on factors of emotions before dealth, emotions soon after death and even farther after the death. I really think for a parent it should only take about a year, bvut for a spouse or child it can take 2-3 years to compleatly cope with thier loss. It also depends on how much thier life effected your every day routeen, seeing that without them you will have to compleatly chnage your routeen, which can bring even stronger emotions. I am a very positive person, and have coped with the loss of several loved ones, including parents and very very close friends who went to war. SInce I am a positive person I have found that that alone was enough to help me get over it. Religion is a big factor in how you can get over it too. I am not religious, but my grandmother is and it has helped her get over her husbands death in about 2 years. It's all how you want to view it. You should have a time to greeve, but dont let it last longer than it should. How long it should last is up to you.

Your own death or someone elses?

I heard an idea that when you die it takes time to assimilate all thats happened and all that you've learned in your life which will prepare you for the next step whatever that may be... you might have to wait a decade or two before another suitable life comes available??

good question - gotta love the reaction :)

Wicked Good
I hope your talking about mourning ones passing, as no one survives death at least not the body. You soul is another matter.

Mourning ones loss takes time. I am currently still going through mourning my birth mother. My grandmother has been waiting 30 years to pass on and join her husband she misses him everyday.

You go on the best you can, that is all you can do and that is what your loved one would want you to do. There is no set time.

The Eight Ball
Everyone varies. Each of us morns for different periods of time.

it takes a while, and everyone differs, just take one day at a time after a while you would have cried all your tears, relived all the memories that make you cry. You will be alright.

Jenny A
forever...you do not recover from death..it is a permanent condition.

pretty me!
when you die...you can't recover...sorry ♥

some people never do, a lot depends on how close you were to the person who died.

jiggy phish
from a biblical perspective anyway

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