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How long does heroin stay in the urine?

If you're worried, use a quick fix. Thirty bucks, but it never fails. Most companies look for temperature to be about 90-97 degrees. It comes with a heat pack for that.

Other than that, watch the heroin use. It can really screw you up. You might wanna try something smoother like acid or E that has a more psychedelic handle instead of heroin.

Mr. Know It All
depends on how much you've been doing. usually about 72 hours.

I don't use heroin, ask a junkie

never mind that , how the hell are we ganna get it out?

Heroin and Cocaine are purged from the body reasonably quickly. Traces of Marijuana can take months.

Fine, if you don't believe me.
I am in a safety critical job and can be screened at any time for drugs and alcohol. I know what I'm talking about.

Depending on the amount used and how often used, but usually about 72 hours. If you are a heavy user it could be longer. It can stay in your hair for up to 90 days if you smoke it.

for a urine test if you will drink a lot of water with in 24 hours no more tracing

wise guy
18 hours

Having worked previously for a drug treatment firm, I will skip the moral argument and get straight to the facts. Depending on how large a dose a person has taken and their body weight, a single dose of any water-soluble drug such as heroin will take between 24 and 48 hours to clear the body via urine. This is only applicable for a single dose. The clock restarts the minute another dose in introduced to the body. This time will also get longer with chronic use, as the liver becomes damaged by having to break down heroin into smaller molecules and the kidneys become less efficient at filtering them from the blood. These two effects are similar to how alcohol behaves, where the byproducts are more toxic to certain body systems then the original substance.

Lauren J
months and months

not that i use heroin
i saw it on tv

man get off it !

Forever...don't use it.

are you proud of yourself?------I'M NOT

o god, someone has to take a drug test

it shouldn't be in yr urine....drugs r bad

sorry dont do heroin so i dont have a clue, ask someone who does or knows about heroine? or search on yahoo or google?

stay clean man. thats the best way to live..

Ashley luvs you!
your an idiot if your using herion!!!!!!!!!! your going to die! have you ever thought about how all the people who care about you are going to feel once you die??? the pain and suffering will be over for you but it will have just started for you loved ones. so go get help go to rehab and kick that habit!! theres some advice!

LOnger than you want.


If you're trying to pass a drug test by knowing how long a drug stays in the urine, then that means you probably shouldn't be using it in the first place. Get clean.

untill the cops leave then you fish it out with a coat hanger

awhile... stay away from that junk.
if you're doing smack whether or not you pass a piss test is the least of your worries...

screw the urine. I'd be worried about how long its gonna stay in your brain cells.

Doesn't really matter because it stays in the hair follicles for six months to several years. Many professional institutions are going to this method of testing since a urine sample has been shown to be unreliable due to several factors:

1. It can be substituted (even to the point of wearing a bag with a small hose attached so the sample container can be filled on site)

2. It can temporarily be flushed by ingesting large amounts of diuretics such as Vinegar or even nastier substances. (sometimes resulting in permanent injury or even death)

The bottom line is that Heroin is not a healthy thing to allow into your body. It may seem to be a life saver, and it may even have become an addiction for you, but there is a perfectly good reason that it is illegal. Heroin has a nasty habit of killing people. You should definitely worry less about how to mask the presence of heroin in your body, and worry more about who is going to settle your affairs, buy your coffin, and grieve for you when you are plant food. If you are not taking heroin, consider this before you start. If you are taking it, get help as soon as possible.

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