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 I'm 18,How do I tell this guy that i want to date that i have hpv?
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 1 out of 150 born in the US develope autism. This scares me. This is a recent disease. is it the food we eat?
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 What are 'growing pains'?
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 Whats the use of pants, is it just for fashion or to stop your clothes from sticking?

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Kitchen Bathroom Living room All of ...

Tell me everything you know about autism... except the nonverbal part that is a given. How can you tell if a 2 yr. old might have it....

 What do you do when you feel a cold coming on? how do you maintain it or keep it away?
k so my throat is just a hint of scratchy and my nose is just a little stuffy.
any way to keep it from getting worse or making it go away?...

 Does anyone know why my 83yr old mother is having visual hallucinations?
I think she is depressed and lonely. She lost a very dear friend 8mo ago. She takes metoprolol ,synthroid and aspirin.She has lost approx. 25 lbs. unexplained. Help!...

 Should I trust my husband?
My husband had a brain tumor that caused him to have epilepsy. he had it removed in 2000 but he still gets Auras which are a form of seizure. They have been getting more frequent over the past few ...

 What happens if you are supposed to get your stitches removed by a certain date and you dont?

 Have you ever had anemia ... what does it feel like?? how did affect you??
what type of anemia did you have iron deficiency, b12 vitamin deficiency??...

 How do doctors test for a UTI in men?
My brother has been having trouble urinating. He feels like he has to go all the time and it stings. Sounds like a uti or kidney infection. But he won't go to the doctor cause he's afraid. W...

 Do you ever wish God would slice the United States with an axe the size of Kentucky, then pour acid over it?

 What is mono?
what is the disease mono? and what does it do?...

 10 reasons why is beer bad for us?

How long does crystal meth stay in urinary track system?
I did about two lines 10 days ago and I'm taking a drug test tomorrow. Does anyone think its still in my system?

Well I have friends that take drug tests 4 days after using meth and are clean. I highly, highly doubt it is in your system. I am sure you know the harmful effects so i won't get into that. I would not worry about it. It should have worked its way out.

Do a liver flush protocol but I doubt you have time now.


Pick one of the liver flush recipes that works for you. Some ingredients are hard to get a hold of but most you find at the grocery store or whole foods.

Plan on crapping your *** off for a few hours.

since your kidneys filter out your blood that carries the crystal meth in your system it can take a while to filter it out. Once the kidney filters out everything it needs to filter to turn into urine, it can either go back into your blood stream and be processed further or turn into urine to be exited into well, the world :). So there is real no way of knowing how long it stays in your system. Your best bet, not to do any drugs when you know your going in for a drug test.

it takes 72 hours for meth to leave your system, after that it is undectable in the urine. don't listen to others who don't known what they are talking about,

Mr. Goodkat
I hope so. I hope your test is for a probation officer and you go to jail. What kind of idiot are you anyway? Putting that crap in your body....

Dante it is...
...if you quit u never hav 2 worry again...goodluck

HELL YA!!! omg that will stay in there for WEEKS!! your fu*ked. call in sick you tweaker.

******* tweaker dirty little rats i hate em

8 months and 12 days is the average.

whoever is drug testing you must be offering a job, or be a probation officer, and on the one hand, they should not even think of hiring your punk @ss twice, and on the other, they should throw your punk @ss BACK in the slammer, have fun.

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