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 My heart beats fast, short of breath, when i touch my chest, i can feel it pulsing so hard.?
it feels uncomfortable and it lasts for 15 mins at a time. It happens 3 times a week. can anyone exaplain what is rong with me. i went to doctor but at that time it was beating fast.
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 If You Eat Shrooms?
If You Eat Shrooms And Are Drug Tested A Little Later Will They Show Up??
Will They Show Up?
If So How Long Should I Wait To Be Drug Tested?
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 My high school daughter wants to be a doctor.She faints everytime she sees blood.What can I do to help her?
she also faints in dissection biology classes.
Is it something that can go away ?
Is there any sort of psychotherapy ?
or is it better for her to choose a totally different career ?...

 Anyone know what could be up with me?
suffering from nausea but also vomited if i try to walk around, stomach feels all sicky and i feel very awful if i try to stand.
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 Dark Stool?
in my lat bowel movement, my stools were a dark brown. it was watery too.

i've been drinking more iced tea & Sunny Delight lately, if that has anything to do with this. i also ...

 My Doctor is writing to me about blood test results?
i had a blood test on monday and rang them today to see if my results were back. They said that my doctor is writing to me about my results ?? what can this mean. Is it that they have found something ...

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 People keep telling me they think I'am bipolar and I seem to have all the symptoms,where do I get tested?
I live in arizona and I need to know where to get tested for bipolar disorder in the phoenix area. Whenever I try to look it up online all I get is the symptoms and info about medicine but I don'...

 I have a sharp pain in my left eye what shoud I eat?

 Which side of the body is your appendix on?

 My baby is really sick...can someone help me?
My 6 year old Shar Pei has been sick for 9 days. She totally stopped eating, has been throwing up and has had only a few difficult bowel movements. I brought her to the vet on 1/8. The vet did x-...

How long do you remain conscious for after your head has been chopped off?
I know it´s a horrible question, but I think you´d have time to think about what just happened, no? About 10 seconds in my opinion, but I´m not going to try it to find out.....

yes yes

why not? at least you would get an honest answer!

London Girl
I know I will just chop my old mans head off (whom at the moment I am angry with!!!!) and time how long he is conscious and let you know!!

I chopped my head off once, and I was able look around, blink, and think for about thirty seconds before I lost consciousness. The bad thing was that since my lungs were disconnected, I couldn't say anything. I couldn't whistle either. Fortunately a doctor came along and sewed my head back on. I'm alright now.

Anyone can really answer this question...since the people who got this experience are no longer alive

Dark Magician
I think that when my head will be chopped off, I will get up after 5 minutes, will say sorry and then stick my head again to my body.

clicky j
Wow what a question, you know what i have no idea. but id love to find out!!!!.xxxxx ill stay tuned.xx

I guess the couple of milliseconds needed to realise your head has been chopped off and your about to die. Nasty!!!

Diana P
When you chop off a chickens head, the body spasms for about 3-5 Min's. but then, is a chicken ever conscious?

None. taking into consideration that the head is cut off completely in one go, and that there is enough oxygen in your brain for a few seconds, the shock of it would send you into unconsciousness which means ....none!!!!

It was reckoned that when the head was chopped off immediately after execution and the head was shown to the crowd numerous severed heads (their faces) sneered at the crowd. So it would be at least 30 seconds of awareness.

When Anne Boylne had her head chopped off she was praying and spectators said that her lips were still moveing when it came rolling off so maybe a second or two.But they chould have been telling tales, who knows?

Only a matter of seconds its thought, obviously no one has managed to come back and let us know

However, consider the sudden lack of oxygen and trauma, the blinking and movements of face, would be down to involuntary nerve endings being severed, what a ghastly thought!!!
Quick though, not even long enough for one verse of I AIN'T GOT NO BODY - sorry could not resist that one.

it's a really good question!!! I need some time to think about it...

Lord of the Sovereign Ring
There was an experiment done during the French Revolution where a scientist made the head choped off bloke answer a question regarding pain. He had to blink 3 times for yes and 4 for no and he blinked 3 times to the question 2 times before he died.

Ace question BTW!!!

Good question and fantastic answer Budda m. I feel slightly sick now. I had always assumed you were dead the split second your head came off.

RIP all people who have died in this horrible way.

retep g
It was proved by 2 French scientist's during the revolutionary era that the brain can live for almost 2 minutes after decapitation. They asked a criminal to co-operate and he refused, when his head had been severed they ran across lifted his head and he cursed them for over a minute.


Charlie Brigante
Technically, your brain would function for several minutes before its starved of oxygen. So to that effect, you'd probably be aware for that long. However, I think shock would knock your consiousness out for good, and you'd probably end up in a dream like state for a couple of minutes before you died. I wonder what you'd be dreaming/thinking about???

It's hard to say. I watched the beheadings done by the terrorists. I didn't study it or anything but the head was blinking even when it had been lifted up to the camera. Nerves and not conciousness. I'd have to say. It depends on how fast it's done. If it's guillotine, i'd give conciousness about 5 secs max. The head needs the lungs to supply oxygen to the brain. Question is, do we have the same bodily functions as animals that switch off pain after a certain amount of injury? What a horrible question anyway. Why would you ask EUGHH!!? why would i answer

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