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Amanda D
How long do antibiotics usually take to start working?
My daughter, who is 7 months old, was prescribed amoxicillin yesterday for a chest infection. I forgot to ask doc how long it would take before she was better. Anyone know from experience?

A week.

If this is a viral infection, the antibiotics are completely ineffective and should not have been given. If it is a sensitive bacteria, unlikely, 36 hour should show improvement.

normally it will start in 30 minutes, it is a very strong antibiotics, be careful when you use it, cos it has so many side effects.

If it doesn't work within two days, you should call the doctor. I once had an experience of waiting and waiting for the antibiotics to work, and my child just got sicker. When I took him back the doctor explained that the bacteria sometimes have a resistance against the antibiotics, so he described something else which immediately helped. Good luck, she'll soon be fine!

it takes about 24-48 hours for medicine to kick in and should start noticing improvement in 4 days

take 24 hours to begin working but it is VITAL you finish the course even if she seems better...it will be working by now...and make sure you keep it in the fridge...hope she gets better soon....x

They start working as soon as you take them but you don't start feeling better until sometime after 24 hrs. Kids your daughters age don't usually even know they are sick. You feel worse than they do out of sympathy. She should show real signs of improvement in two or three days.

thumper rabbit
24 hrs.hope she feels better soon

Antibiotics usually start working, and by working I mean you should see improvement in 24-48 hours. However, just because you see improvement never discontinue use of the antibiotics. Always finish the amount the physician prescribed for you or your child as they continue to work even after the supply is gone.

It might be different for a chest infection, but it took 2 days for me to signifigantly recover from a throat infection after taking antibiotics, and completely fixed in 3 days. It started to improve within 6 hours of taking the tablet.

can take up to 3 days... but if they take an longer i'd consult your doctor

It usually takes between 24-48 hours for the antibiotics to get into your system. In all around 4-5 days you should see the effect. Hope shes feeling better soon, its awful when the young ones are ill they cant tell us how they feel. x

Follow the instructions on the bottle! In general, if you take the full course of antibiotics then your wee daughter should be better.

The best advice and assistance can often be obtained from your local pharmacy who can offer such things as Calpol, Vicks Vapour Rub and Benylin Cough Mixture which can help ease your child's symptoms until the antibiotics take full affect.

Only good mum's like you would bother to ask a question like this here! So keep being a good nurse!

A True Gentleman
I took amoxicillin recently for a gum problem...Sorry to say that it is 24 - 48 hours. And when your in pain, those hours seem to last an eternity. Hope your daughters recover soon.

Depends on the child, how her immune system is, etc, but generally you should see an improvement very soon. The important thing, and this is vital, that you always finish the course the doctor proscribed. The whole bottle must be finished. If the label states take 3 times a day, do this until the entire bottle is finished. Even if she seems so much better. The proscription takes into account the germ, the age of your daughter, her approximate weight. The bacteria will come back if the entire dose isn't finished. This is why so many young children develop secondary illnesses, like a chest infection, ear infections, kidney infections, because parents feel safe when their child is showing a great improvement. Don't be fooled by her recovery, finish giving her the amount in the bottle.

its usually 24 hours, and they continue to work after you have taken your last tablet. Wish your little girl better.

Miranda Girl
24 - 48 hours for pills to work. An injection works right away.

Michael L
Usually three days, but you may see a difference in 24-36 hours. Whatever, it is best to take ALL of the medicine, as a temporary relief may not be enough to battle the entire infection. Be careful though, antibiotics also kill the "good" bacteria found in the colon, so she may get diarrhea. Make sure she is hydrated and contact the doctor if there is anything unusual.

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