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How long after doing cocaine should you wait to take a drug test?
A good friend of mine is trying to get a job where I work and he had a little problem with coke, he has not done any drugs in about 8 weeks. The drug test consists of a urine sample and a hair sample. How long should he wait to take the test?

Dude, Your friend is a stupid Crack addict, but you have to wait over 1 month

A urine sample 3 days but with the hair i've always heard any drugs stay in your hair for years. But type detox in any search bar and you should get all kinds of sites to help in detoxing. Some sites even sell products that supposedly remove any toxins from your urine and hair. I hope this info is useful to you.

Mischele, RN♥
He'll never pass it. The hair test can detect drugs from MONTHS ago (years if his hair is long). He might as well forget that job.

Hair will record it forever, unless you shave your head....
Look up the half life of cocaine to see how long it is detectable in the urine.

sweet ♥ pea
i dont really know but i heard it takes a while.. but i personally wouldnt know

karen beepbeep
if he done a low dose he can do the test 18 hours later if he shoots up will take longer like a few days like 48 to72 hours he needs to drink a lot of fluids no pop or alcohol only fluids and will pass it out of system

If this person is truly your friend, I would be trying to help him by referring him to substance abuse treatment instead of letting him put your job in jeopardy.

urine-anywhere from 48 hours or more
hair-forever, but what some of you have failed to state is that a hair sample will have higher or lower response depending on how long ago you did it. a lot of course has to do with the lab and how they set the levels of detection.

typically-researchers study hair to detect drug use. hair grows about 1/64 of an inch each day: two inches of hair gives a 128-day history of your drug use.

not sure for hair samples, but if your friend has the following or taken amoxicillian, it might help fight a "false positive":
Kidney infection (kidney disease)
Liver infection (liver disease)
Amoxicillin, tonic water

of course he would have to have a doctors back up on any of the above.

help your friend by teaching him better ways of living. getting a job is of course helpful, but his cocaine habits can hinder a person in many many ways-start off with living day to day and helping him through it is his best bet.

j c
Wait about a year. Maybe by then he will have also kicked the habit.

Well "bffaexi_…" if you don't know the answer to the question, DON'T ANSWER IT!!!!

These products are intended to be taken on the day you desire to be clean, 2 hours before.
Step 1) 60 minutes prior to the time you desire to be clean, drink the entire 16 oz. QCarbo liquid at a comfortable yet consistent pace.
Step 2) 15 minutes after completing Herbal Clean QCarbo liquid, refill bottle with cold water and drink until gone.
Step 3) Sit back and relax for 45 minutes and then you're ready to go! It is helpful to drink an additional 16 oz. of water. Product will be most effective from 1 to 5 hours after drinking carbo.
Step 4) Test yourself with included COC COCAINE TEST DEVICE (u...

hahaha, good luck with that coke heads!

Kalvin G
Don't kid yourself, there's no such thing as a little cocaine problem.

if it's a urine test, 3-5 days (drinking lots of fluids and eating lots) should do it. but only if it's powder. Otherwise your screwed. Smoking coke sticks in your hair. Time to get the head shaved!

The Chesire Cat
8 weeks and a urin screen..no problem, he will pass..
a Hair screen!!! He is going to fail. they can date what you have done from many years past.

he needs to shave completly bald like Mr. Clean and let it grow back before taking this test.

Mama C
2 days after snorting and i don't know bout the hair sample...better get his head shaved to be safe.......cocaine only stays in the system for 2 days...and people claim to be nurses and don't know this...lol

Obviously, you're getting a lot of mixed answers here. A rule of thumb is 6 months in a hair test (they only test the top few cms of the strand), and probably 3 days for urine. If he was a heavy cocaine user this might be a little longer, probably 3-5 days longer, but by 8 weeks it will NOT show up in urine. Be careful with the hair test, though. There's some shampoo products out there on shady websites that claim to strip away the drug residue in hair. If you're feeling really desperate you can try one of them.

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