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Lab Accident
How do you tell someone their breath stinks nicely ?
This person at my work has STANK breath. What do I do, buy them some mints ?

♥ hello_kitty_xoxo ♥
Buy some mints and walk by them . Stop offer them one . If they say no just say I really do think you need this please take it .

K 3 N N
Pass him a note that says: I didn't want to say this out loud, but dude, your breath stinks!

leave several boxes of breath mints on their desk they will get the message and you won't have to say a word

buy some tictacs and leave them on their desk with an anonymous note. its actually doing them a favor, because they dont know unless u tell them.

offer them some of your own mints.....and if he accepts just mention that he needs them...if he declines....tell him he needs them.....

Here have some gum

offer them gum or mints.

Just say it in a nice way. Be like "man im your friend so im going to tell you this your breath smells" you know?

Wendy P
there is no polite way to tell someone that their breath smells like something died inside their mouth, you should carry mints or gum with you and if you have to talk to this person get you one first and then offer her one. Let someone else be the rude one.

"Hint Mints" they're the greatest.

man don't you hate those
one time, me and two of my other friends were driving to club. And the fuker in the passenger seat has some really bad breath. Offered that fool gum several times and he wouldn't take it. By the time we got to the club, i threw up. Nasty *** fools.

Yes, offer them some chewing gum...
Oh when you see them in the restroom; take your toothbrush & floss out, & brush your teeth. When you finish, tell them how good a fresh mouth feels.

Kenny J
lol....i dont think there is a nice way to tall someone there breathe stinks.

yes buy dem mints or just say dam your breath stinks like ***

Buy the mints and then offer them one every time you are near them. Just giving them the pack is not a guarantee they'll take them or get the hint.

Rico Suave
One way would be to place a pack of breath mints on their desk without them knowing about it. Or, whenever you need to speak to them, be cool and pull out a pack of mints. Put one mint in your mouth as you're offering them one. If they still don't get the hint, then maybe you should just be honest with them and let them know that they need to keep some mints or mouthwash handy. Hopefully, they'll understand and not turn the situation into some kind of game and start picking on you about your hair or body or something.
Or, you could just tell your supervisor and let them handle it in private in the office. Then you don't have to be the enemy.

Don't dream it's Over
Offer them mints or a piece of gum...they'll take the hint...eventually.

nighty night
might not know, hint around, ask them what mouth wash they recommended for daily mouth care

I have had this situation before..and the way I approached it was very discreetly whispering to the person that she want to get a mint because her breath is bad today. Then I told her that I wasn't meaning to offend her, but I would want someone to tell me as well. She was cool and thanked me and got a mint, and I notice that she keeps mints with her now. Problem solved.

offer them a mint as you pop one in your own mouth.

they'll get the hint.

Steph W.
Buy them some stuff then say somethin like dude you gotta try this stuff it tastes good.

Flip them a pack of tic-tacs and wink

The Git!
Tell 'em

Bog Breath-Cough off!!!!!!

user name
just offer them some gum.

offer gum....

As If I Am Not Here
Nicely say to him : "hey, i have tried this gum, it tastes good! want some?" I think do it few more times he may pick up an interest to at least eat some gum.maybe his breath will be improved a bit.....

problem is, most people's breath doesn't stink nicely....it stinks bad

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