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 Umm what in the world is this??
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stupid cupid 14
How do you know if you have a brain tumor?

you can tell by the tumor appearing on your head, you can feel it and it gives you headach, you can try to fly to mexico and have it removed for 50 bucks

Mos Def
google it

Megan Michelle
u can have anything from headaches, seizures, or nothings... so go to a neurologist and get that taken care of!

It depends on how severe your symptoms are, most headaches can be cured with a painkiller. migraine headaches are painful and severe but with the right medication can be improved. Go to your doctor and explain the way you feel, your doctor will investigate it fully.

St Harpy
When a doctor has confirmed it. You cannot tell wether you have a brain tumour or not by only having the symptoms.

My Mother had a brain tumor and her first symptoms were very BAD headaches. This was then confirmed by going to doctors when she had a MRI scan. Luckily due to early detection it was successfully removed.

Two or more doctors will tell you and that is the only way you can know

my grandpa realized he had brain tumors when he had a seizure at work....the more effective way to detect brain tumors would be to go to a neurologist and get checked out

the dude abides
The only sure way to tell is with an MRI or a CAT scan. There are some general symptoms that may lead you to see a doctor sooner which include waking up in the morning with a headache repeatedly, having projectile vomiting, vision changes and even changes in balance. Of course these symptoms can be seen in a number of medical conditions or just in real life so an imaging technique is necessary for the definitive diagnosis.

i will be happy that now no will say that my brain is empty... :)

Ask the experts.

queenie one
CAT scan ordered from a doctor.

See a neurologist for a CAT scan.

Anthony C
I think that is what a CAT scan is used for

by having an MRI..

well u certainly dont ask anyone on here! go to the dr and get ur brain scanned.

When you go to the doctor and they tell you, from tests

you start smelling burnt feathers

A Headache is "sometimes" an indication that there is a tumor. Usually a neurologist is referred by your family doctor and specific tests are suggested. It is also a possibility, depending upon the location of a tumor, that an eye exam can expose its existence.

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