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How do you get rid of lice?????hair?
tell all the possible ways to, i think almost 10 years of having it is enough!!! i wanna know how i can get rid of them for good!!! i have passed it to my really close friends and my bf, and only my bf knows and i made a promise to him that i would get rid of them when he came back, in like a year, so i need to get rid of them permanatly!!!

Jay S
eew! you can't be serious.

Becky B
u need to get some kwell shampoo and wash really really good with it and read the directions or go and ask a doctor. kids at one of our private schools had them and the enitre school had to get shampoo to kill them. if u have had them as long as u say, u need to wash every thing, linens, blankets and all to get rid of them.. again , call your health dept and maybe they can answer your question better, ok?

arsenic sauce
ok first don't share hats or scarves or whatever. YOu should wash them and probably wash your sheets and pillowcases too.

There is special shampoo you can buy to kill the lice (It's called Rit or something) and also special really fine-tooth combs that you can use to comb out nits and lice. Good luck!

there is a shampoo that is called RID you can find it at any drug store it is a what box with a red stop sign on it and in the middle of that stop sign it says RID it comes withe a fine tooth comb ( it is best to have some one comb through it for you so the can see if all the eggs are coming out ) in 7 to 10 days repeat treatment on hair

there is also a spray that RID makes for your carpet and furniture ... wash all your bedding stuff , and replace your pillows and brushes take any stuffed animals or toy that you have that have cloth on them and place them in trash bags and leave their for 2 weeks because hatching period for the eggs is 7 to 10 days and with out body heat or air the will die

i hope this helps you get well soon

Rid-X shampoo.

A pest control expert inspecting your home.
( A friend of mine didn't know she had mice in their walls - and that's where her lice came from.)

Look for a flea/lice killing carpet powder - put down (wear a medical mask - don't inhale the dust), leave it for a few minutes, then thoroughly vacuum and immediately get rid of the vacuum's contents. Lightly sprinkle table salt all over the carpet and leave it. Don't ask me why - this repels ticks, fleas and lice.

Spray the ground around the foundation of your home with insecticide.

Treat everyone in the home - including pets - at the same time you treat yourself.

Throw away all combs and brushes, get new ones.

Get all your friends treated at the same time as you.

Get a "flea trap light" ...it's a nightlight with a glue trap. Lice are drawn to it too.

Call your County Extension office and Health Department for advice.

Lice can live in bedding and upholstery. Ask your Exterminator or local Health Dept. how to best get them killed in bedding, et. al. without risking your health.

Good luck hon. you have a huge task ahead of you. I don't envy you. Take care. Peace. --De

Bag all of your linens and put them out in the cold for 24 hours,is it cold where you live? im in canada its cold here! wash all fabrics in hot water and my best advice wash your hair everyday with tea tree shampoo it works wonders.

the lice remover "RID".

queenie one
First of all you need to go to the doctor if you have had it that long and you have tried every overt the counter drug ! You have to treat you hair first and anyone in your house hair has be treated and then you have to treat it again in two more weeks. Make sure you buy the special combs to get the eggs or nits out. All of this can be bought over the counter at Walmarts, because the cost is a little less there. If you have children you have to keep a eye on there heads because they hug people and share hats which is a no no when this stuff is in the schools and some kids don't know they have it. Look in there heads before you put you hair near there's is sounds cold but better to be safe than to go through this. WASH IN HOT OR WARM WATER All of your pillows, bed linens, blanket shams, pillow cases, stuffed animals ( wash in pillow case ) spray your furniture if you lay in the floor fumigate your carpet or rugs. Any thing your hair comes in contact with, hair accessories, your clothes, your caps, jackets,coats and your combs or brushes soak in hot water or throw them away if you can afford to but new ones and after you spend a day of doing all this it should be fine. Not easy but if done properly it works. Don't let no one use your combs, brushes, hair accessories and hats, jackets ,coats, sweaters. Good luck and I hope you really haven't had them for 10 years.

I have never heard of a lice problem lasting that long, are you sure that lice is the problem that you are dealing with? If so then get the rid shampoo & follow up with the fine tooth comb that removes the nits. Make sure that you wash all the linens in hot water & follow up with the shampoo as directed. Wash all your combs & brushes in hot ammonia water or throw them away & get new ones. Same thing with any hats or headbands etc.

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