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No need for the rude comments. I just want to educate myself not try the bloody drug....

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 Whats wrong with me!!?
Hi everyone :)

Im thirteen turning 14, have a regular height and weight.

OK so about 3 days ago I played a game of netball. I played the full game and towards the last few ...

How do you flush your liver out to make it healthy??
I drank way too much a few days ago, and want to rejuvinate my body again into a more healthy life style and make sure that my poor liver is taken better care of. How does one do that?

Khamirul Bin Mataree
Get 2.5 - 3.0 litre of plain water perday.... A big bottle of water at least perday

Get the right food suppliment rich in vitamins and mineral

Avoid a lot of glucose and carbohydrate intake

More vegetable, fruits and cereal than meat and fat

Make sure every meals serve clean, healthy and warm to avoid infection such Hep B.

Exercise abdominal muscle always such sit up and running. Walking is better.

Always have an enough rest and sleep.

Lastly, have a happy life without drug, alcohol and smoking

You cannot "flush" the liver and water won't work, that's for the kidneys. As for the alcohol, it's long gone already. Boy, some anatomy lessons might work here! The liver filters blood but doesn't filter out fluids, water included.

drink more water and take some herbal pill

Emily A
this website gives a good schedule and ingredients you use to cleanse your liver. It helps flush out stones that can develop, but it takes an entire day of doing nothing, so plan ahead.

Drink LOOOOTS of water and i mean A LOT!!! and OJ too.


Water, Fruits, Veggies (uncooked), Dark green veggies. No sugars, red meats, for a while and Iron supplements are hard on the liver;)

water. drink it.

grapefruit juice is very good for your liver.........star fruits too

milk thistle is good for your liver, but it can make birth control pills inactive.

drink water and eat radishes

Nick J
STOP DRINKING ALCOHOL!!!!! Drink water, water, water, water, milk, water, milk, and one glass of juice a day (if any). Have at least 2-3L of water a day.

water and yogurt.

It's not going to matter because you can't rejuvinate it back to it's full potential. Even when you only drink a little bit that liver already has a difficult time breaking down the alcohol and overtime it causes permenant damage. The only answer is to drink nothing at all.

drink lots of water. LOTS

Water is the natural remedy here - forget all the detox rubbish - water, water and more water.

Yep, they said it...water. You will see a lot of "natural" detox produsts out there, but seriously, you can't get any more natural than water. Our bodies are made of it and are meant to have lots of it. Simple water will cleanse your entire body! Cheap, too!! :)

first - stop drinking alcohol

then lots of water

if the liver is already alcohol damaged or diseased, you need special advice (medical ? nutritionist?) to deal with specific damage and what nutrients might be helpful

stop drinking and taking unnecessary medication for a while

ditto, but add a good meal with all the water, you want to keep your sugar levels normal.liquor has lots of sugar, and your liver is involved in that area also.

Good Ol' H2O will do it. Drink 1 to 2 liters a day and you will clean not only your liver, but flush any other toxin. It will only work if you drink water all day with no pop or juice drinks. Of course you can eat, but if you don't want to wait. Drink water with every meal and eat dinner early in the day and just drink water all night until you go to bed.

Hope that helps

The best thing I can tell you is stop putting toxins into your system. Eat a good diet with a lot of fruit,veggies etc. (basic 4) and drink a lot of water. The liver is a filter. If you give it nothing to filter out (so to speak) it will be healthy. The liver is the only organ in your body that can regenerate itself. You should be fine.

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