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Waves of Nausea
Infection in right ...

 Can you please?
tell me what, polyps are, i dont know if i have spelled it right, because i have never heard of them before, the reason i want to know is, my brother has to go into hospital to have some removed, ...

 My ENT told me there's nothing that can be done for ringing in the ears. Is this true?

How can you tell if you have high blood pressure?
Without blood pressure equipment, how can you tell if your blood pressure is high?

oh but you can=when you stand up suddenly you get light headed or dizzy=you get a headache that only gets worse the higher it goes =your heart beat slows down

Carole D
most grocery stores that have pharmacies have a BP machine in the waiting area

yes there are quite a lot sympotms
i knw as my father [sadly] has it
well....you feel really hot esp. while sleeping whereas others feel cold or normal
u wont believe but my father was in canada and he dint wear SWEATER[absolutely nothing] n whn he checked his BP it was really high
the other symptom is sweating...then getting angry really quick.....these are the common symp. found

there are no symptoms to high blood pressure. You have to have it checked by a monitor of some sort. either at the docs office or at home

adnan t
If you get tired soon while running or working.

no real true absolute indicators
take a test, they even have free machines in some drug stores

You can't because im most cases there are no symptoms.

You can't. Well, not unless you count it being so high for so long, you have a heart attack or a stroke.

if its over 200 go to the hospital but i think its normal if its between 100 150 but i know if it over 200 go to the hospital

Sometimes you can't.

You most likely can't unless your body is very sensitive to it or unless your blood pressure is WAY too high. You might get headaches and swollen feet. But note, these can be caused by about a half million other problems. Your best bet is to see a doctor, or at least go to the local pharmacy and use their free Blood Pressure machine.

You can't, that's why high b/p was dubbed "the silent killer".

You should see your doctor, but some signs of high blood pressure are:

Headaches, especially pulsating headaches behind the eyes that occur early in the morning.

Visual disturbances.

Nausea and vomiting.

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