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How can you tell if someone is on Meth?
I have a realative who just got out of prision (long term) and she was a meth addict. She is on parole and she is also taking drug tests but she said they trust her to just go in a room and pee in a cup on her own. She has lost a pants size in a month without dieting. She claims it is because of her job and not eating but everytime i see her she is eating and its really fattening food. So I guess I am skeptical if she is really not using again. She is going to NA and the first few weeks she claimed that people show up there HIGH.. when I asked her last night about that she denies anyone uses that is there and that also caused an alarm because now she is contradicting what she said when she first got out. How do i know if she is using? and how would she be passing UA's if she is?

She is the type of person who would convince herself she can control it and use smaller amounts which we all know where that leads. I just am skeptical
Additional Details
I appreciate all your answers but I know what meth signs are and I know what heavy users are like. I am asking if she is using smaller does's how to tel; ONLY hard core meth users don't eat. She is using her own urine how would it not be detected?? things I could look for around the house that she might take to remove meth from the urine?? that is what i am seeking.. thanks

be skeptical they usually go back to it. you can test clean in 24 hrs i think im not totally sure but it definitely doesnt stay in your system long. on hair test can prove. yes they eat, she may stay up late, she will have mood swings, wont look you in the eye, paranoia, wont sit still, weight loss, although stress can cause that also. lieing, look up symptoms on google.

People on meth tend to stay up for days! They can't sleep and the sleep deprevation makes them hallucinate. They are constantly paranoid and won't eat.

Alli Cat
Their eyes are really dilated and they tend to sweat profusely. Plus is she was on meth, she typically wouldn't eat very much.

teresa m
People who are on meth thin they can fix anything and get fixated on small projects and can take hours completing them. They seem to have the answers to everything. Their face breaks out and the tend to pick at it a lot they may be fairly intelligent people but can be argumentative. You can buy home drug tests if you are concerned and that is what I would suggest.

She's likely still using, it's supposed to be super addictive, most people can't, won't beat it...

Grant M
If she is eating harty foods and not gaing weight... She is using.. the best way is for the urine test but she must be getting some from someone else in order to pass the test.. When I got out they gave me the cup and sent me to the bath room and when I came out it had better be warm or it was not excepte then they sent some one in with me after that... When she comes in out of the sus her eye puples shoud go from large (the center) to small because of the darkness if the puples stay dialated she is using... thats the best way to check.. Its hard for a person who has been on meth to kick it for ever... The feeling is to great... God bless you and her good luck Grant M in Pennsylvania

you can smell meth on a person, the weight loss would be a great indicator, they will have sores on their body

one that hasn't been mentioned is the way they get dark circles under the eyes, their teeth get bad and they think people are out to get them. i know becuase i've been there. thank God for my daughter.

First things first, meth users never tell the truth, having that said she will never admit anything. In the beginning of the meth users downward spiral you may not be able to detect anything. A user can pass a UA by simply drinking a couple of glasses of water before the test, so never rely on it. I would have a one on one conversation with her and explain to her that if she uses one time than your relationship is over and can never be repaired. Remember your not playing by the same rules as a user, and you will definitely get burned!!

Have you looked at her eyes? HELLO! The eyes are a tell tale...
I'm currently a meth user... And to be honest, I know a lot of people who you would never have any idea they do meth... They've trained themselves to sleep and eat properly... They function totally normally... Honestly, no one would have any idea and I'm talking about people who've been doing meth anywhere from 1yr to over 40yrs...
The best way to tell is in the eyes... Someone whos smokin gak is gonna have dark rings around their eyes and they will look sunken back into their head more than usual... When someone is on jib, their eyes are bigger than normal...

If someone is good at hiding it and controlling the addiction, it is nearly impossible to tell... Makeup can help hide the circles around her eyes, and people can learn to make their eyes a normal size while they're high...

It's possible she is clean you know... She might have just lost weight when she got out of prison because her environment changed... And contradictions do happen in peoples stories regardless of whether or not they are using drugs, and it could have just been that she was frustrated with having to go to meetings and said something she didnt mean...

If she was in prison for long enough to get clean from meth, honestly, I dont know why she would ever touch it again... Everyone I know who is addicted to meth wants to quit... None of them can, they struggle and fail... The longest any of them has made it was 6 days and she was in detox, she left detox after 6 days because she couldnt handle it... Without detox/rehab the longest was 2 days... I'm gonna quit soon, and I know if I ever get clean, I would never go back... I dont think anyone would...

EDIT: almost every sign people said above my answer, I've seen addicts get around or hide... And sure parole officers are trained to see the signs, it doesnt mean they do... Almost all my friends who are addicted to meth are on parole... They are in and out of jail so basically when they are out they are always on parole... It's not a deterant... I've only had one friend go back to jail because of his PO for several months and he went back because he missed a meeting all together and missed a drug test... Most people tend to assume drug addicts are stupid, but with jibbers they can be very smart and sneaky...

A sober person would not have pulled this off... My friend and I were in her room smoking gak about a week ago, she's wanted so basically, if the police see her, shes in jail... While we were upstairs the police raided the house, we heard them downstairs... To avoid going to jail she climbed out her bedroom window, there was nothing to hold on to out there other than 1/2 an inch of window frame and nothing to stand on... She was out there for at least half an hour while the police searched upstairs, ID'd everyone and put our names through the system... We then got her back inside before the cops searched the back yard... It was unreal...

Meth is a drug that no one can understand until they've done it, and depending on the jibbers around you changes how you behave on it because they teach you things and influence your actions... Also, each person behaves differently on it... I've seen people who cant stop fidgeting and moving, people who do the crack hop, and then theres people like me, who just sit there and watch the world around them, I fidget a fair bit but I'm not high energy and I can easily hide my fidgeting and at times I sit perfectly still while I'm high for hours, I only move to smoke more...

Meth is a mystery drug... And you might notice how I said far more than anyone else on here, maybe it's cuz I do jib, maybe its cuz I'm tweaking, or maybe I just like to talk... I'll tell you right now, I'm tweaking on this answer haha...

She probably is using. She could just bring in somebody else's urine with her.

The way you know if someone is on meth is: eyes are dilated and glossy, the person is talking wayyy too fast, they don't sleep, their breath is stale, and they are always fidgeting, and moving around. They also stutter when they talk, and there is a significant loss of appetite. If a person is taking Meth, they probably know that the substance will only stay in your body for no more than 5 days, most of the time it's 3. But if they take hair tests, that's how the authorities will know for sure if she is on Meth, because the toxins are present in proteins.
You may want to talk to her probation officer in private and tell that person your suspicions and ask for a hair test.
You are a really good person for even caring this much about this person. Thank you, we need more good people like you.

Being that she's a relative, and was a user before, she'd be acting as she did during that time. But here are some signs and symptoms:


In large doses, methamphetamine's frequent effects are irritability, aggressive behavior, anxiety, excitement, auditory hallucinations, and paranoia (delusions and psychosis). Abusers tend to be violent. Mood changes are common, and the abuser can rapidly change from friendly to hostile. The paranoia produced by methamphetamine use results in suspiciousness, hyperactive behavior, and dramatic mood swings.

"Long-term meth use can lead to psychosis that mimics paranoid schizophrenia"
Dr. Richard Wise of Pathways Treatment Center

Methamphetamine appeals to drug abusers because it increases the body's metabolism and produces euphoria, increases alertness, and gives the abuser a sense of increased energy. High doses or chronic use of methamphetamine, however, increases nervousness, irritability, and paranoia. The extreme paranoia that methamphetamine abusers can experience is often associated with a distorted tendency toward violence. Adverse consequences of methamphetamine abuse include the risk of stroke, heart failure, and prolonged psychosis.

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