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How can you make an alcoholic get treatment, if they don't think they have a problem?

Additional Details
she's my mother

johN p.
That is almost impossible. They first have to admit to being one. That's the biggest part of the battle. Once they do realize it, then they have to WANT to work on it. I quit drinking 2-1/2 years ago. When I stopped, it was unplanned. I just didn't feel like drinking.

The program of alcoholics annonymous has your answer. They say that while it is difficult to convince someone they need help, if you enlist the help of another recovering alcoholic, you have a much better chance. No amount of talking about it from a friend or loved one usually will help, but another alcoholic can generally win the confidence of the man who still suffers in an hour or less. By disclosing his story, the recovering man can show the man that they are the same, and life can be better if he is willing to take certain steps. Contact AA through a local church or search the web for local meeting lists and numbers. As an alcoholic myself, I feel your pain. There is hardly anything as sad, or painful to watch, as a man in the grips of that cunning, baffling, and powerful alcohol.

The answer's in the question. If they don't think there's a problem, you're not going to be able to do too much for him or her. The drinking will always be rationalized and justified on something else, on something outside the alcoholic. Or else, he or she will shut you out completely.

If it is a disease, and it seems like it is, the best you can do is wait for him or her to realize there's a problem and go from there by getting into a treatment facility or going to AA meetings or whatever.

You might have to just take care of yourself, and let the alcoholic go until he or she bottoms out.

Handsome Devil
you cant until you convince them they have a problem. put the phone # on their fridge.

record him when he is drunk... then let him see how destructive and bad it is.... do it over and over until he gives up and goes to an AA meeting or something...

If the person is under 18 then you can make take classes but if they are over 18 then there is no way that you can "make" them get treatment. Sorry to inform you of this but there's not much you can do except keep talking to them.

In most states you can do what they call Baker act them but this will involve more than just you. You will more than likely need a parent or other family member. For information in your area call your local alcohol abuse center most hospitals can give you the number. Also there is a program available for you called Alanon that is tied in with AA that will put you in contact with others that deal with the same situation. GOOD LUCK AND TAKE CARE

Clown Knows
You can't. No one can force someone to improve their thinking and behavioral processes, they have to first want to change. Most alcoholics don't want to change and stay alcoholics.

I do what I want..
You really can't, they have to hit "rock bottom" in order to realize they have a problem, then you can be there to help.

You cannot, the first step is that person realizing they have a problem and need help! If they cannot do that, noone could help them! You could explain to them their behavior and what it is doing to them and everyone around them! Include all family and friends for an intervention! But if they can't see it, they will not except help!

You can in New YOrk State.....Only a judge has to order it.

It just takes time. You can't force treatment upon some one if they don't want it. It's terribly hard to see a loved one go through that kind of thing, but until they see the error of their ways, there is nothing you can do. I hope with all my heart that who you are asking about gets the realization they need. And then the help they need.

Jilli Bean
You can't. Even if you force her it won't stick because she has to be committed to it 100%. She has to hit her own bottom, and although she may be a mess, she hasn't hit her bottom yet. If she's really a disaster right now you can stage an intervention. You should seek professional help with that if that's the road you go down.

Good luck to you and your family. I know personally that this can be so very difficult to deal with.

You can't really; They have to want to quit, or they will never succeed.

In GA and I think FL, A family member can have someone committed to a mental hospital, but I don't know if that would apply for Alcohol treatment.

well, we know that if someone doesn't want help, or see that they need help, we can't force them. however, there are ways to help them realize the problem and see how it affects others. any chance you could help identify how his/her drinking has a negative impact on others?

Simple... You can't! Until they decide to get help they will remain ill!

kendell c
you cannot until they are in trouble with the law. The courts can force them. Rarely can you do this on your own. You can contact alcoholic support groups that can tell you how to have an intervention but still you cant force them to get help.

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