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Melissa M
Has anyone experienced blurred vision with pink eye? If so, how long did the blurred vision last?

Scott Baio gave me pink eye!

Kobe Loves YOU
i have never had pink eye.

A split second.

Yes it is because pinkeye is an infection in the tearducts and eye and the puss (ew!) comes out and coats your eye, this makes it difficult to see. Took kabout a week of antibiotic drops for my sight to clear up - go see a doctor you need prescription medicine (and thisis an emergency or urgent care center visit - do it today!)

yes and it lasted 7 day's for me

I had blurriness. It lasted for about a week. Good luck!

I had pinkeye a few months ago. My blurry vision lasted for a while but it wasn't stopping me from my daily activities. I also didn't take care of it so well.

Keep anything that goes near your eyes clean and don't touch your eyes either. The blurred vision should be gone within a week or so.

I wouldn't play with your eyes. You only have one set. And you can't see to drive very well when you have pink eye either. It will not necessarily clear up on its own. It is an eye infection and you need to go to a doctor or the urgent care or health clinic or ER and get some antibiotic eye ointment.

Yes, that is normal. Once your eye gets better, the blurred vision should go away also. Hope you feel better soon.

my friend had pink eye for a week and blurred vision for 3 days

My vision wasn't great with pink eye. Things were a little fuzzy. It was certainly made worse by the gooey medicine they made me use. Keep on top of the medicine and antibiotics, if nothing changes or gets worse, definitely contact your eye doctor!

Blurred vision with pink eye is common it can last a couple days or more depending on the severity of the infection.

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