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Has anyone ever had a seizure just once and never again....i had one while on the computer on friday?
my bf said eyes rolled in back of head but i was totally passed out for like 5 sec.....no family HX of epilepsy............just scary....was fine right after......anyone can share a story or 2...make me feel better?

Yes, I've had one but since I haven't had any. However, I was much younger when it happened, so you may want to go get checked out just to be safe

Good luck, I'm sure you'll be fine

Chuck T
I would seek medical attention , it's not something you should just let go ....

Abra B
I haven't, but I know someone who has. He was drinking beer and working in the heat all day and got dehydrated. The doctors said it messed up his electrolytes or something. This was years ago and he's never had another. You should definitely get checked out though.

Jasmany R
Well Supposedly from what My mom said that when I had my blood taken and I was warning them that i was about to pass out and when I did supposedly I had a small seizure but I was fine after all I know is that I was drooling some and that I had bit the side of my mouth


My Father had one and here's the thing with seizures.....
It's an automatic clue that something is not right in your brain. My dad was really sick and had a history of heart disease. After being at the ER for 6 hours and not finding anything wrong with his heart, the doctor sent him home. The doc called us at home about 2 hrs later asking us to come back in because he just did not feel right about something. On the way to the hospital, my dad had a seizure. This is what tipped his doctors off; they stopped looking at his heart and began instead to look at his brain. He ended up having an infection in his brain called encepholitis.

Seizures can be brought on by high fevers and things much less severe than encepholitis, but it usually happens because a certain part of your brain is being affected negatively by something. Also, you can lose a lot of natural salts that your body needs after a seizure, which can really dehydrate you!

Go get checked, you'll feel much better!!! Sincere good luck!!!

Well, I think it has something to do with the computer. I heard that it's a brain issue. Just restrict yourself on how much time you spend on the pc. And go to a doctor, too, just to make sure everything is okay with your head.

I have a story, but it didn't happen to me nor was it during pc time. It happened to my brother when he was at the spaghetti factory (it's a restaurant). He fell off his chair and started having a seizure and was shaking and stuff. But that was the only time it happened from what I know.

Dunno if that makes you feel any better...

I did...but it was caused by a very high fever....haven't had one since. Have you been checked out by a doctor? Seizures are pretty serious.

uh oh, yeah you should go to a doctor about that.

You don't just have seizures for no reason.
The only way that you can just have a seizure and not have one again is if you are withdrawling from alcohol or drugs or overdosing on them.

Otherwise, something is medically wrong with you. You NEED to see a doctor because it is a SERIOUS problem to have a seizures. They can cause permanant brain damage which can result in you losing your speach and motor skills. Please don't wait a second more before going to the doctors.

Baby no.2 Sydney due anytime now
Yikes having one is enough to make a trip to the doctor!! Next time may not be so lucky..

go to the doctor have them do a Kat-scan on you.. you might be suffering of some brain damage. That is very serious.

My daughter had these symptoms for 7-8 months before she could get in to see a specialist. It turned out her blood pressure was way too low, he recommended she eat more salt and lots of fluids. She's not completely rid of the dizziness and still won't drive but it has decreased by 75%. We're hoping for complete recovery. She still has appt. for MRI just in case.

you best get to a doctor .This is definitely a warning that something is not right with your body.

go to dr's. if this happens when driving....could be worse outcome

I wish only one in my life.
Seizures are one of those things that is still a mystery, the doctors no the basics but tell us that have them to just be careful.

You may want to get it documented by the doctors. However it has been my experience that they can not do much. EEG's rarely find anything and here they have to let the dmv know of it.

There is myself, one son and gosh many relatives with these, it runs in our family.

Take care of yourself, you may never experience another one? There is a common occurrence that happens after a seizure that is not mentioned here, so it is possible it was not a seizure? Hope this helps :0)
Wish you well!

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