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 I drank 5 bottles of window cleaner, will I be okay?
My stomach is starting to feel a bit off but I think it will go away. What do you think i should do

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my blood count is normal
kidneys normal
and liver normal
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whats the best way to overcome anorexia? and after the anorexia stops will i stay skinny?
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 What can this be!!!??
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stephon f
Every time i eat i get sleepy i?

eat less and concentrate on studies

thats because of youre digestive system dont worry but try to walk after you eat to keep active

if you are eating a lot of carbohidrates
you will get sleepy and yes get checked for diabetes too

Tom K
Well, it depends. Do you weigh alot? Do you always get sleepy after each meal? Do you eat alot? I guess you should eat, wait about 15min, then go exercise for about 30min-1 hour.

See a doctor and try exercising

So do I, when you eat it's like taking natures sleeping pill. This is perfectly normal.


Me too. My doctor told me that some people have this happen to them when they eat foods with sugar. Even natural sugars that are found in food. So I try not to eat too much sugar during the day at work so I that I don't feel sleepy in the afternoon. Try to cut down on your sugar intake and see if it makes a difference.

heather l
eat less at mealtime.

The reason I'm mad
me too

Have you been tested for diabetes?

It might be a long shot, but you should probably check your blood sugar. Especially if you are overweight, or have a family history of diabetes.

Postprandial drowsiness can be a symptom of, at least, impaired glucose tolerance.

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