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Does vomiting damage your stomach?
I'd like to know if throwing up damages your stomach or any other part of your body. Could this be a reason to convince a bulemic friend to get help?

yes it also could crack your asfagest[ spelled wrong] i know i did it its hard to get some one with an eatting disorder to under stand the dont care anything to be thin no matter whats the conseqence they want to be perfect in every way

Curious ♥
when you throw up the acid that breaks down your food in your stomache cames up your throat and is harms the path it takes to get out of your mouth the acid is supposed to be in your stomach and your stomache only so it harms the rest of your body when it comes out

No, but if you do it too much, especially forcefully, it could do harm to your body, such as your gums, teeth, throat, and most of all, the pain in your stomach just gets worse the more you have to throw up.

adrenaline rush
no but it will damage your throat and mouth as the acids from the vomit come out that way.

- - - - -
when you throw up, acid in your stomach erodes your esophagus

it's very bad to have this kind of erosion, you can get ulcers and may have to be on long term medication to treat damages...sometimes even surgery...it's also really painful--i know because i have reflux problems

please tell your friend i don't know why you would want to make yourself susceptible to these kinds of problems

It doesn't damage your stomach, but the acid in to vomit does damage your teeth and esophagus.

it damages your hole body

no. its does a heck of alot of damage to everything else on its way up. The Stomach acids which are meant to stay in the stomach are forced up and out into areas that do not contain protective layers.
Heart burn is sort of a small example of this.
If forceful vomiting is what you are asking about then yes fingers are included since the acid will probably get on fingers.
Health wise...Its not a good thing. You lose alot of Vitamins ans minerals your body needs.

oops did not read the Bulemic part. YES tell her she is killing herself!

It can cause serious damage and even death, and the risk is very high.

The vomiting will not damage your stomach, because it already has the appropriate protections from stomach acid (the mucous layer). Your esophogus does not have that protection, so the acid can (and will) burn through your esophogus. You esophogus can rupture, and you can bleed to death among other things. Call a crisis center now - your friend nees help. Do not wait, you might save her life!

ruins your teeth and throat. the acids to that

Vomiting per se is not damaging to the stomach mucosa. The clorhidric acid in the stomach (wich is not in fact meant to digest the food, but instead to stablish the acid pH that digesting enzymes need to function), when a non-provoked vomit occurs, is usually accompanied by a great deal of stomach contents that help protect the esophageal mucosa.
But in a bulimic patient, the continual vomiting does manage to severely affect this mucosal covering of the esophagus. Although it is quite tough, it is not at all prepared to withstand the low pH of the stomachal acid, and thus the patient ends up developing dangerous esophageal varices (wich can bleed profusely, or debilitate the esophageal wall in a manner that it could break during a vomiting episode, provoking a potentially fatal mediastinitis).
Another problem with the constant passing of the acid through unprepared tissues, is the development of calluses in the dorsal face of the patient's hands, or the destruction of the enamel of the teeth, and so on.
But what the main problem is in a bulimic patient, is the depletion of ions. As you may already now, bulimic patients not only turn to vomiting when they want to expell the food they have ingested, but they also resort to the use and abuse of laxatives. This two things together, as well as the overexercising, leaves bulimic patients with an abnormal level of ions (Calcium, Hydrogen, Bicarbonate, Magnesium...) in blood that, eventually, leads to cardiac arythmias and cardiac failure, Central Nervous System disorders, and more.

So, if you've got a good relationship with this girl, you would do well to her by convincing her to ask for professional help.

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