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suffering from pink eye
Does pink eye go away by itself?


no you have to get an ointment or drop to put it your eye.

it'll get worse b4 it gets better

No it doesn't as it is an infection.Go to your doctor and get a prescription for eyes drops and to make sure that it is indeed pink eye.

yes, if you dont scratch it and eat a certain diet... but most ppl cant stop itching it... soooooo, no. to make life easier, scientists created eye drops to help us pour souls with no will power to stop scratching.

PLUS... the longer u have it, the more ppl you will infect, so getting eye drops will make it go away faster ;)

if your asking cuz you have it yourself... hope you feel better *hugs*
if its just curiosity...nice question

go to the doctor

I don't think so. Plus its really contagious. I recommend going to a doctor and getting medicine ASAP.

No conjunctivitis doesn't just go away and it is highly contagious, there are also different kinds such as:

Viral conjunctivitis usually affects only one eye and causes excessive eye watering and a light discharge.

Bacterial conjunctivitis affects both eyes and causes a heavy discharge, sometimes greenish.

Allergic conjunctivitis affects both eyes and causes itching and redness in the eyes and sometimes the nose, as well as excessive tearing.

Giant papillary conjunctivitis (GPC) usually affects both eyes and causes contact lens intolerance, itching, a heavy discharge, tearing and red bumps on the underside of the eyelids.

The only one that must go away on it's own is viral, but the others normally get some eyedrops perscribed also:

Wash your hands frequently, and avoid touching or rubbing your eyes.

Don't share washcloths, towels or pillowcases with anyone else, and wash these items after each use.

Don't share eyedrops or cosmetics such as eyeliner, eye shadow or mascara. Replace them after you're healed, to avoid re-infection.

Your eyecare practitioner may recommend that you discontinue contact lens wear during this time or replace your contact lenses after you're healed

Good Luck

I had pink eye last year. It will go away by itself. The drops are to help with irritation (if it really bothers you, which mine did). Remember to wash your hands, not to touch your eye, and that you can pass it on sooo easily if you forget.

No, it's a bacterial infection and it needs to be treated. It's also very contagious, so see a doctor!

you can buy an antibiotic...i don't think it's otc though

mine went away by itself, but then came back, and I had to go to the doctor for meds

No, it doesn't, actually it spreads and also it spreads to other people.

You must see your doctor and get the prescription they use for this.............it can also cause secondary infections..........take care of it please...............

yes it does

No, get to the doctor. It is highly contagious as well.

Yes it does, medication may accelerate the healing process.

Highly contagious. You and everybody in the house should wash your hands a lot.

If you use the phone, the next person to use the phone can pick up the virus, rub their eye and they have pink eye.

loving father
No, this infection can actually get worse if not treated, and ultimately blindness can be a result. Drops are typically prescribed. See your doctor.

No, conjuctiveitis needs to have medication. See your doctor for that. It will not go away by itself.

no go to the doctor he will rescribe drops or a cream, make sure you wash your hands well after touching your eye, it is highly contagious

No, you need to get drops put in it so it doesn't develop into something worse. Do it soon too, because it's contagious

yes it does.

sometimes but if your lucky you wont have complication latter, i would get it checked out and the medicine is not expensive, for now dont touch your eyes and dont use any kind of make up, wash your face with neutral soap, and most importantly, GO TO A DOCTOR!!

I just had it...I got antibiotic drops from my doctor. One of my friend's teen age son got a freaky infection in his eye that they thought was pink eye...it didn't go away so they took him to the doctor and he ended up at a hospital needing a cornea transplant. Be careful!!

It depends on the severity of it. You may need medication.

Like a common cold it will go away on its own.

Eventually, but antibiotic eye drops will make it go away a LOT faster.

It's also contagious, so think of the people around you and get your pink eye cleared up.

NO pink eye will get worse if you dont you get it treated. An eye doc. can give you some antibotic drops or ointment ot treat it. Once treatment starts it isnt contaigous anymore.

Nope In fact left untreated you could go blind.

Sometimes, but if it's serious, you should go to your doctors. The pink eye should be given some medication, though, to help the healing.

Ahhh....Me Time
it'll go away. my pink eye was pretty bad. I had to wear sunglasses when I went outside to play with my friends. it was huge. I could hardly see.

pink eye is a bacterial infection that is highly contagious. if it really iritates, you should go to the doctor, your doctor can give you an antibiotic for it. otherwise, it will get worse and then get better and heal by itself.

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