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I recently got over a pretty bad virus that made my lymph nodes swell up pretty bad. Thankfully I got over it fairly quickly. Unfortunately because of the degree of swelling in my right lymphnode ...

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this medicen that i am taking makes my blood pressure high, befofe i take my meds my blood pressure is low but 2 hours after i take my meds my pressure is high i have seen this but there has been 3 ...

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I know its something I ate because the first day I was feeling
feverish, and tired today its the third day and I've got back my
energy I feel fine except i still have the diaharrea. I&...

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She forgets allot of appointments she has made. She sometimes has a hard time remembering names, but not the people. She sometimes acts child like....

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 I feel somethig wrong going my body but dont wanna c doctor. i wish if death comes i will take it gladly.?
I am afraid if dr. tells me something bad, i cannot do work and save money thts i am going to give my parents after my death. but i am too depressed as well. i wish some of u console me for my ...

 Is there a job available for my disabled friend who can perform this job at home?
My friend is disabled with RSD, Reflexive Sympathetic Dystrophy. The RSD causes his right leg to feel like it is on fire 24/7. He is on the max. of Oxycontin per day. Other meds he takes makes him ...

 Gallbladder removed help?
im desperate to know and talk with anyone who has had there gallbladder removed

my tummy is sooo swollen will this go down ?
and why have i lost 4llb since Monday when i had operation ...

 Why does my bum have a funny odour coming from it.?
I recently smelt this foul smell,originating from my butt,can someone tell me what it is?...

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 What causes hairloss in a healthy 37 year old woman?
My sister who is 37 has started to suffer from hairloss. She is special needs and is very upset about this. She does not have any bald patches as such but it looks like on one side of her head the ...

 Is it OK if my tonsils are swollen?
i had streptococus.. for about 4 months n now i'm feeling much better but since then my tonsils are red n swollen

so does it matter?

i'm feeling ok so should i go to ...

 What should one do if he is shy of doctor & have severe problem of piles & fisher with pain & bleeding?
what should one do if he is shy of doctor & have severe problem of piles & fisher with pain & ...

 Does anyone know a good way to take your mind off smoking and beat craving??
i have tried to stop before un successfully, i want to stop but properly this time, i dont want a cake instead of a cig cos ive just got a new car i still wanna fit in, lol!!
seriously any help ...

 New to these conditions, ailments... what are they and what can I do??
Insomnia, rapid loss of weight, rapid tooth decay, blisters in mouth and throat, frequent sinus infections... please don't tell me to see a doctor- I've already thought of that one!!!...

 What would happen if i swallowed a oval shaped marble?
i swallowed it .its in my stomach
Additional Details
even tho i dont have abdominal pains why would the marble cause ...

 Serious Emergency!!!!?
Whenever i sit down for a little bit, like 10 mins, and then i stand up fast i get extremly dizzy. I get so dizzy that i kinda 'zone out' where i can't here see nothing for a couple of ...

 What causes hiccups and how do you get rid of them?
I have the hiccups right now and they are so annoying! What are "hiccups" and how do you get rid of them? Please... :)...

 Why does dehydration cause vomiting?
I've been wondering why dehydration CAUSES vomiting. I know that vomiting can LEAD to dehydration, but I cannot find out why you would vomit due to dehydration, or if you are already dehydrated;...

Does eating too much sugar (candy) affect your eye sight?
Ive allways had eye problems since child hood but since ive lived in the us since 2001 when i came here at age eleven ive been eating alot more candy and it seems my vision has been getting worse ever since, and just recently whenever i eat sweets my eyes start to tear up and get slightly blurry, should i go see a doctor or is it normal.

Nick W
only if it causes diabetes

I have no idea. But it will be nice to know... Without my glasses i can't see anything.. And i remember as a child i also ate alot of candy...mhh interesting..

i hope not! cuz i might end up blind! but yes i would go to the doctor.

No that's not normal. If your seeing more blurry after you eat sweets, you should go and tell a doctor, you might be developing some sort of diabetes. And anything that affects the normal function of your body that shouldn't, you should probably ask a doctor just to be safe.

Only if you are diabetic or have been consuming insane amounts of sugar.

yes your blood sugar can effect your eyes. I am diabetic and when my sugar is high the first sign is my eyes get blurry, when it goes down my vision goes back to normal.

Jimmy TightLips

Never heard of that.

♥mikayla ®
You might be having an allergic reaction to an ingredient in the candy.

Donna P
I am diabetic and until I found out that was the problem I also had problems with my vision. You really should see a doctor and have your sugar levels checked.

As others have mentioned, if you have diabetes, one of the side effects of chronically elevated blood sugar is vision trouble.

part of it might just be incidental. as we get older, our vision gets worse. But cut back on sugar anyway, it's not good for you!

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