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Does bulimia make your voice change?
like my other question.. i've been bulimic off and on for 2 years. i recently am noticing that my voice has gotten a bit scratchy and slightly low.. is that the cause? no lectures please.. i know it's a problem.

it might since stomach acid is very harsh... if yo leave puke on a desk it will start to take of the top layer... pretty powerful stuff... but don't worry bulimia also kills people so... you tell me which is worse hun please stop <3

When you throw up and purge stomach acids come out
damaging the lining of your asophagus.
Bulimia can have a dramatic effect on the vocal cords and it will damage your vocal cords along with your teeth.
It also rots your teeth and gives you facial hair.. ewwwwwwwww

oh definitely. same as smoking.

Could be the acid eating away your throat's lining or tonsils.... something in your throat that effects how you talk. Bulimia also makes your teeth really yellow and can eventually rot them.

when you throw up, the acids from your stomach also come up along with food and the acid damages your esophagus, which of course could be a reason why your voice is now messed up.
And hun im not judging you, but if you know that this is a problem then please talk to someone.
Best of Luck =)

You are seriously concerned with your voice changing? Shouldnt you be more concerned with dying?

Yes. It irritates your esophagus and may ultimately cause it to rupture, causing you to drown to death in your own blood. i would seek help immediately. don't be bulimic. it's gross, and can kill you. but yes, it can change your voice (just like screaming a lot irritates your esophagus and causes your voice to change)

yes. the acid from your stomach (vomit) is tearing up your vocal cords. does the enamel on your teeth seem a little dull or worn out?

yes. throwing up too much damages your esophagus. the more you throw up, the more impact it has on your voice box.

Most likely, all that stomach acid coming back up into your throat can't really be a big help for your throat and voicee.

=]panda luvs yewwwww.
yes that can happend


Um yes i think so.
i am no doctor but i like medical science.I think when you purge yourself the hard acids in your vomit do damage to your asophagus as well as your vocal chords, kinda like how cigarettes do it.

P.S.- it is a scientific proven fact that bulimia only takes off about 10% of what you have EATEN RECENTLY. so you are actually amking yourself slowly heavier

maybe, becuase it corrodes your vocal cords and esophagus.

It very well could be. You are throwing up acid on a regular basis, which can't be good for your throat/

brittany =]
Have fun looking like this


wow you're suicidal? thats horrible, but have fun dying slowly from all that acid scarring your throat and creating ulcers in your stomach.

Yvonne B
no lectures just stating facts: the vomit eats your teeth away, can cause cancer of the esophagus, and if you don't feed your heart and brain it can cause serious complications

Catherine a
yes, i'm pretty sure it can affect your voice.
and it's good that you know it is a problem.
i'm not going to tell you to just stop, because
when I was 13 I was bulimic. i know how hard
it is.

yes, kinda like a smokers cough very raspy

yes. it is. ! my bestfriend for 7 years now recently came bulimic. her voice is very scratched and sometimes hard to hear. its like having a sore throat.! it's caused by repeated vomitting.! good luck with this!!

Well stomach acid eating your throat is bound to have an effect.. and your teeth too.

If losing your voice makes you realize this isn't a good choice, then ok. I was bulimic for over 30 years and like most other bulimics (who live) we can PROMISE you it doesn't work for weight control (in fact, most bulimics are overweight!) - but we do it, hoping that today will be different and that we'll be the exception.
A huge number of bulimics die with their heads in the toilet (great legacy isn't it?) and a large percentage die when their esophagus ruptures (sometimes while they're walking to a class, driving a car, sound asleep - it can happen any time) and they spend several agonizing minutes drowning in their own blood and fluids (watching anyone who's around freak out, trying to save their lives).

Yes - vocal cords can be affected exactly as you're experiencing. If you stop - there's a good chance it will heal; or, if it's been going on too long, the acids have permanently damaged them (human stomach acid is among the most potent, powerful acids known on earth! Our body knows what it's doing in keeping it INSIDE the stomach. We, on the other hand, don't always make the right decisions).

If you stop your bulimia, you'll likely find another outlet for the obsession. You could become 'exercise-bulimic' or something else. Again, been there, done that...PROMISE you it doesn't work!
I DID find what does work - and it's really just as easy to be 'obsessive' about doing the 'right thing' as we are about doing the stupid thing. Stupid-stupid-stupid (talking about ME...spent a lifetime and soooo much permanent health damage on awful eating/food choices).

Yeah, the acid from your stomach is really hard on your esophagus, and on your throat and vocal cords.

Yes, upchucking everything you eat does mess up your throat. Constant sore throats and not being able to talk are major problems with bulimia. At points it gets so painful to swallow, even just liquids. The acid in your stomach comes up and erodes everything on its way, including your throat. TRUST ME, bulimia NEVER works.

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