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Does anyone get out of breath like me when running?
hey im 13 years old in the 8th grade.
all the time when i run, i am always very short of breath. especially in the cold. when i run in the cold i always have to stop and its hard for me to breath, its almost like i am gasping for air and i cant take a deep breath, and my throat hurts really bad, i get a head ache, my chest hurts and i cough. i know it sounds like alot, but thats how it is...i asked my mom about it and she said when she was younger she had asthma and she doesnt exactly know if i have it or not.
i really really hope i dont have asthma because track is starting on monday and i really want to do it soooo BAD. if it wasnt for stupid running out of breath so fast i know i could run alot faster and longer.
Additional Details
i am pretty athletic. i can run really fast its just that i cant run for a long time... like if i run the 100 i cant breath afterwards for a while and it hurts

I have that too and my gym teacher is an b¡t©h and wont let me drink my propel and she tells me to drink water but water tastes bad!

The Yahoo Helper
Yes, everybody runs out of breath when they run. It is impossible for someone to run without ever losing their breath. If you run out of breath to quickly and think it is unusual, go see a doctor to check for asthma.

ok listen I get the same things that you do not just some of those things but all of them. It happens in the cold for me 2. My throught starts to burn like and I run out of breath fast. I am overweight and same age and grade as you. I take this normally becuase i am heavy...i dont know how heavy you are but if your light then that means a sign of something. That should only happen to you if youve been running for quite some time, not just like a min or 2

Ok well your not over weight at all...I would definitly talk about it with your doctor and your parents...and see what the problem is and you could have a chance of having asthema

Inhale an inhaler

Say it 10 times fast. I bet you cant.

get ur self chechecd by a mechanic..they might tune you up..

I get tired usually after a few minutes, but its not as bad for me as it it for you, it seems like, so u should like talk 2 ur doctor or something. Good luck!

i had the same exact thing, i am in tenth grade now, it gets better, its proebebly because you are growing, it still hurts, but ask your docter. i know what you mean by the throat hurting really bad, it feels so raw, but it also helps if you think "positive" i know it sounds lame but its a "mental persective" thing. but it might b asthma related, thats what my mom says to, i used an inhaler for a while

Sounds like asthma. Your mother really ought to take you to see a doctor.

I suffered asthma as a kid and I grew out of it. Also, it can be controlled. It doesn't have to get in the way of your passion for athletics.

Good luck.

Gabriel B
well as for any diseases, you should definitely have the doctor check you out.
I used to run all the time, and especially in 8th and 9th grade when i began running alot i would have the same stuff you do.

I eventually got used to it. It's sort of a state of mind thing. The more you do it, the more you get used to the sting, and loss of breath, the more the better your breathing techniques(if any :p)
Just keep at it, it'll get a little easier that's for sure

the new ipod: the iPHUCK
yes happens to me too cause im not as athletic as some ppl, its normal dont worry

you probably have asthma have you told you mom or dad recently because if you dont get an inhaler it could really hurt you
i would go to the doctor... you can still run track just use ur inhaler

captain obvious™
SAME exact symptoms for me when i was that age.

3 words.

exercise induced asthma.

check it. you can get medication for it. life saver fer sher.

Crazy Chick 101
Sorry but sounds to me you have asthma...

i have it so i know the symptoms

but i hope im wrong cause asthma is horrible to have...

so get it checked out by a doctor or something =|

Gonzalez Y
yehh....but its not like im fat or have asthma...i just keep my mouth open.....and then my throat hurts

First of all, when you run in the cold, you will get a lot of those symptoms, especially the coughing. But if you have those symptoms become severe when it is a nice day then you might want to go see your doctor.

get an inhaler!!!

richard s
See a Dr. if you have asthma you can still run track you just need some medication . There are pro athletes with asthma that have overcame you can too. It may not be asthma you need to consult a Dr. Good Luck!!

Rotovia, PhD
Visit your local doctor; there are are one of two likely causes: both of which relate you running in the cold, which is in itself not a healthy practice. The first possible cause, is Asthma, your doctor will be able to test for this, and if there is a family history, it is important to rule this out. The cold air air and exercise would certainly result in the symptoms you are are describing. Alternatively, any person jogging in an elevated area, that is cold, may also experience headache, shortness or breath, and muscle fatigue after long periods of exercise. At the end of the day, not seeing a doctor could mean you miss something that is treatable (such as a common cold), managable (such as jogging at a warming time of day), or has a lasting affect on your sporting career if ignored.

You need to go to a pulmonologist & get tested for asthma. You have many of the symptoms of asthma...shortness of breath on exertion or in cold air. gasping,chest hurts, coughing.

You can get an inhaler & meds from MD. There is an OTC inhaler, but I forget the name...ask your pharmacist (maybe Primamist).

Good luck.

Breathing in the cold takes in cold air and makes your heart work harder to pump more warm blood to maintain your body temp. it is possible that you have asthma or it could be the weather, but since your mom had it i would get a doctor to check it and dont worry a lot of athletes have asthma but dont push it an asthma attack is horrible (i took a class were they simulated it by making us breathe through a coffe stirrer, idont have asthma )

Maybe you should go to a doctor to see if you have bad asthma. If you don't then running should gradually improve your breathing problem. Also maybe you should wait until your breathing is better before you join track.

wow same grade and age as me! ya it does happen2me also just always have some water with you! or maybe you can go to the doctor to make sure your okay!

i think you do track while you have asthma...i hope your fine and wish all but luck!

See a doctor. Any other advice I could give could kill you.

You probably just have to excercise more and build up your endurance and stamina.

You might have asthma. Or heart problems. Ask your parents to take you to the doctor for some tests. Talk to your school nurse, too. Medications are available for this problem as well as some good lifestyle changes. I've had problems all of my life and am just now finally getting something done about it. Don't wait as long as I did. I'm 50.

I do and I'm in my twenties. Even though I exercise :S I guess it depends on the different abilities and fitness levels.
Keep running and you'll improvement.

The fact is the more you run the longer you'll be able to keep up the endurance.

Keep pushing yourself, but don't over do it. When you feel yourself getting out of breath slow down but don't stop running(jog). Make sure you're breathing is normal when exercising by breathing in and out at a normal pace.

The more you run the less out of breath you'll be! Its such a great feeling to get out there running and not have to stop b/c you're tired. You will get to this point. Start running/jogging 45 minutes a day and you'll be ready for track in no time. Dress warm breathe at a constant interval.

you should get checked out by a doctor to see if you have asthma, but it could just be the cold air. i find it really hard to run outside in the winter because of the cold but during track i can run like crazy. many things like the lack of moisture or the air not warming up fast enough could make it harder to breath. but even if you do have asthma you can still be in track, and many people benefit from running when they have asthma, it helps them learn to breath and exercise their lungs. don't worry too much about it, and if you really have asthma it'll still be fine it doesn't stop you from running or anything

You've got to train them lungs just like you do your body, keep it up and you'll get there, you'll be running just fine soon enough,

This sounds very much like Asthma. I recommend you asking your mom to get you an appointment to see your doctor, so you can get a specific diagnosis (ie. Find out for sure what is wrong) If it is only asthma then that is no big deal at all silly! You will just get an inhaler to use when you need it, and you should be able to continue to live a happy health life, doing what you love, which it sounds like includes running! Good Luck with track!! It is great that you enjoy running! Many kids your age spend too much time sitting around watching TV and playing video games. You should be proud that you enjoy being active and taking care of your body!

i'm pretty sure a lot of people do

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