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 14 year old looking 4 answers?
ok in the last week in May i was very tired and slept for a week. ! night i got very weak i rushed to the emergecy room they said they thoght it was in my head. I went to the docotor the next day but ...

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what is the shortest length time, someone can have an attack? i keep having theese attacks where i can't breath, i get dizzy,Racing thoughts, Stomach feelings, Strange feelings, Weakness... it ...

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 I am trying to shake of a bad case of Rabies. What do you suggest?

 This morning while cleaning my 13 year old sons room i found a small blue round pill in the floor.?
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 What are the causes of nose bleeding? from childhood to adulthood?
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 How cold you get hiv?

 What is it when you have to pee constantly and you cant hold it?

 Please help with diarrhea?
at two happy meals, not so happy now.

took five immodium ad, still coming out strong. i'm having "dry heaves" now. i would like to go to bed but am afraid of soiling sheets (...

 Will eating fruits like peaches or plums be ok while having strep throats?
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 A common cold question...?
I know that that there obviously isn't a cure for the common cold yet. But is there anything that can be done to cut the time in which you have the cold in half?...

 Is it true that if you remove a tick and its head remains in you, does the body grow back?

 If I've had my gallbladder removed for 5 yrs, why am I still having gallbladder-like attacks?
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 Bananas as a remedy for diahrrea?
Are there any medical professionals out there who can tell me if it is true that bananas can be a remedy for diahrrea? I was diagnosed as having Celiac and certain foods agravate symptoms of Celiac. ...

 Can the doctor if out if you r taken prescription drugs a urine specimen?

 I have a cold and every time i swallow liquid mucus comes out of my mouth?

 I have headache on both sides of by forehead it has been 11 months to it do its migrain or something else ?
it starts from morning sometimes i feel something like swelling on my nerves on both sides of forehead n when i woke up on certain days it apperared me something different in inital stages it ...

tracy h
Does Sure Jell work on Meth or Crack drug testing?
I have a close friend who has been called in by his PO for a random UA but has been doing Meth and Crack all night. I have heard that Sure Jell works with some drugs, but am unsure on which ones.

Your friend is going to jail unless he goes in & tells the truth before they test him. Then they may give him a break or another chance. He will probably at least be going to jail for the weekend & holidays. Sorry to here about that.

The One That Got Away
I hope your friend fails. People need to hit rock bottom before they'll change. Same goes for you. Druggies run together.

Aww well let them get caught!!! they have a problem maybe a breech of probation will sober them up!!

Good question. Happy holidays.

dirty druggie...lol...

Most of those cleaners are only good for THC (pot). You're friend is screwed. Tell him to stop doing drugs at LEAST until his probation is over. Common sense.

Ya Tibya Lublyu
Was it you? You shouldnt be doing it to begin with. "Your friend" should take what he gets for acting up with illegal drugs. That crap can kill you

so no sympathy for druggies dont take them and then he wouldnt have a problem

glenda w
Does it work,repairing your brain and teeth?

I have never heard of this...but you friend needs help...maybe a smoke screen...why not have him check into a rehab clinic before the screen...that way he can at least show he is fighting his addiction

Audio Ninja
I do know what works for SURE. Your "close friend " should put the pipe down. I seriously think you should take some time to introspect on your position in this persons life. From your initial question it sounds like you are an enabler. Rather than try to help this person LIE about their deficiancies and inability to overcome an addiction you should try and convince this person to rehabilitate. As a person with friends who are currently doing Federal time for drugs I can tell you first hand that what your doing is only contributing to that persons demise. You must find the strength to help that person. If that means they fail a UA and get their paper revoked, well then hopefully they can use the time of incarceration to rethink the bad decisions they have been making. If you continue to enable this user you will only be contributing to a vicious cycle of denial, degeneration, and eventually death.
Seriously.....think about what you are doing. Ask this person if the life they live is really the life they want? If you are a colse friend you will find your own strength and let this person take responsibility for their poor decision making.

That's quite a trivia question!! I have only heard that it works on marijuana. Your friend should probably watch what he does while he's on parole.

He should know better than that...he needs to be a "man" and take the punishment for his actions. Hopefully getting put back in prison will help him with his drug addiction otherwise your "friend" is going to wind up dead so you need to decide if you would rather him live or die before trying to come up with some stupid "solution" to this problem.

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