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Stubby Ray
Do people who work in hospitals get ill more often than those who don't?

darn right they do. any time you put a bunch of sick people in a confined space u r going to get stuff spreading around. u will notice most waiting rooms in new hospitals dont have water fountains and all the hospital rooms have antibacterial lotion by all the doors. thats another thing, a lot of hospital workers have a hard time remembering to wash their hands, which obviously doesnt help things either. there are so many different strains of the communicable things floating around hospital workers are bound to get sick more then the average joe who runs away from a stranger with a runny nose.

In spite of strict precautions, the hospital staff will get infections from communicable diseases, from drug-resistant bacteria, chemical contamination and radiation from modern electrical and electronic machines.

Sexy Red
Hi ive worked in a NHS hospital for 10 years and i do think i get more illnessess,colds etc then anyone i know.Yes we do all have our injections to cover us for certain things but they dont cover us for colds etc.

The same as everyone else! we get boosters to keep us up to date with all immunisations, and are more careful at handling people with contagious illnesses.


I'd say no because their immunity gets built up well although they may pick up a lot of things when they first start working there, especially if they have come from abroad and haven't been exposed to certain bugs before eg chickenpox.

Emma Chizzett
No - they have to look after themselves more than the average person, so are less likely to pick up germs even though they're amongst them all the time.

Actually we develop antibodies to a lot of things after working around them for a long time. in my many years of hospital work, I only had a few colds, when most of the patients had them.

I've been working at a hospital for a few years and I haven't noticed myself getting ill more than I did before. In fact, less. I think it's a health care providers continous washing the hands that makes a HUGE difference.

Contrary Mary
Have no research to back it up, but sure its out there - I say we get sick less! Or least I do, think its a combination of good hygiene (contrary to popular belief, most of us do like to wash patients bodily fluids & mucous off our hands before tucking into our lunches etc); That, and I reckon constant exposure gives a certain amount of immunity to common virus's etc, a bit like how a vaccine works - I am never ill. Probably one cold/virus in 3 years.

peace and love
no genrally they are sick less because they get exposed to so much they tend to have a stronger immune system

No, actually much less. We have to get a series of shots, and know about preventative medicine, good nutrition, and have access to other professional help, besides what we already know.

the exact opposite, they always get flu shots and have a higher immune system to the everyday illness.

No, because we tend to be up to date with vaccinations, have a good idea of how to care for ourselves and take precautions. We also develop a degree of immunity to common aliments as we are exposed to them almost daily.

Rob C
Actually no. To work in a hospital you require a series of shots. And ever notice how cold a hospital is? It's to dieter viruses from living in open air.

Not really. People that work in hospitals are more careful about diseases than those that don't.

No. Some people are less likely to get sick and catch things than others. Plus, everyone who works in a hospital constantly washes their hands and takes every safety precaution & disease control precaution.

all the answers are great here, but also as an RN, I wash my hands, ALL day. Between patients. Plus everything else you have seen here.

No, we dont. We take extensive precautions to prevent contact. Like washing hands before and after seeing each and every patient. Depsite our best efforts, we still get exposed to alot of germs/viruses. Our systems just build up immunity to them. I cant tell you how many sick people seem to only want to cough in your face. I may get a cold once a season, but generally no more than the average person.

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