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 Alchoholism? how do you define it? I am a drinker[heavy] most days, but do not shake if I go without.?
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I'm not asking for ...

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 Can taking cocaine when pregnant cause brain chemical disorders in children? Professional or personal welcome.

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 Breathing troubles while sleeping?
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 Has anyone ever experienced extremely heavy nosebleeds?
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 I know this is a werid question?
but what are the symptoms that u r goin deaf or ...

 How long does a migrane last?

 I want to stop drinking, but I can only last until about 2pm.?
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 What happens if you swallow an orange pip will it cause any harm?

 I saved 34 foster kids from a burning building on Saturday but now my arm hurts. What can I do?

 When i clean my ears with a cotton bud i cough like there is no tomorrow. Any ideas?

Additional Details
the day i take advice from a scouser.What do you know i hear you hide your money under the ...

 My friend is in icu and i need answers please??
she has been in the hospital for 3 weeks and almost one day , some one put morphen and crushed up xantax and exctacy in her drink those 3 weeks ago.... she has been on life support and she also had 3 ...

 Will you adoped a kid with hiv?? why not??
THE TRUTH IS ,THEIRS LOTS OF BABYS LEFT TOadoped but when they find out they have hiv many peole change their mind!! thats sad what will be of these poor baby,children!!they are the future!!someone ...

 How to get rid of stomach aches?

 What does it mean if you are told you are aneamic?

Do people really die with their tongues sticking out?

No I dont think

At the point of death, muscles all relax; so it is possible for this to happen, depending upon the position of the body at the time. But it strikes me as unlikely, since the body doesn't normally expend any effort to keep the tongue inside the mouth. I suspect it's more of a cartoonists' cliche.

i can't answer . i am still alive.

Only if they died thirsty!!!!

painted pony

no not everyone does

<~~~~~ poking a stick at Dave to see if he is alive

Mojo...I think you cat is having an adverse affect on you.

yes, and here's the proof:


walking dead


If they died of food poisoning


I have twice

Well Mojo, you are pretty bored most of the time. I am a caregiver, I hold the hands of dying people and care for them as they cross over. I have yet to see a tongue stick out. Eyes open yes, usually a comotose state and then breathing changes and stops all together.

I think this mainly happens when there is a lack of oxygen that causes the death. The toungue stcks out in a lst- ditch effort to get the oxygen that the body needs.

By the way, it doesn't hang out of the mouth. It more or less sufaces toward the opening.

About as often as they die with something else sticking

No...but remember when your mom told ya not to keep making that "face" when you were a kid or it would stay like that forever? Just look at poor Dave.

ragdollfloozie needs a brushing!
oh lol Ivy.
That was the first thing that came to my mind but it only really proves that Dave isn't the living dead.

I have seen this happen with cats by the by so I guess it could happen with people.

No, but they do end up expelling bowel and bladder.

And hey, why is everyone picking on me? Et Tu, Ivy?

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