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 Symptoms Help! (Can't get into doc for a week)?
I've been experiencing the following symptoms for the past few weeks and i can't get into a doctor for over a week. Can anyone help?

Waves of Nausea
Infection in right ...

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 Am I dying??
For about a month I have been having abdominal pains.
They come and go all over the stomach.
*I pretty much always have a bad pain on the right side ( where appendix is) I have had mine out<...

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 I had vomited saliva with containing blood n havin vomiting very bad?
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 What causes sudden death?
i have always heard on news that a person just collapse suddenly when he was extremely healthy
what can be the causes of sudden death if drugs and alcohol are not related at all?...

 T.M.J Syndrome, anyone heard of it?
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 I feel sick do you know of this sickness?
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 Can i help my dad through his drug use?
my dad has a problem with crystal meth, pain killers and alcohol. I dont know what to do, he's been using it for a while, im not sure how long. he's not a person that will go to rehab or ...

 My fiancee gets nosebleeds alot, Refuses to be checked, Is this a sign of something serious?
If it is a sign of something, I will show him this and then drag him to the doctor. Thanks for the help in advance.
Additional Details
No he doesnt use cocaine, he is very much against ...

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 Is it better to go in for Total Knee Replacement of both knees together or one knee at a time?
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 Need help asap please?
im starting to come down with bad cold i cant affored to be sick since tommaro is the big easter egg hunt at the program i go to need some cold remideys please thank ...

 Bored at the hospital?
ok so while my parents were gone for the week i got really sick and didnt know wut to do. so i decided i would wait it out. the next day my neighbors found me past out on the floor so they called 911....

 Tick question?
Okay, so there was this huge tick on my bathroom floor.It was green, and looked like an adult, because I looked it up on google. I dropped a huge social studies book on it [lol] and when I lifted it ...

Do drugs like cocaine or heroin cause you to lose weight?
Someone I know is losing weight for no apparent reason. She is eating, but I suspect she is using drugs. What other drugs cause you to lose weight? Thanks!

Stephanie A
Drugs, alcohol, diet, etc all can change your body chemically and hormonally. If using anything in extreme amounts can cause several changes in the body including weight gain or loss. For example using heroin or narcotic pain medication causes lethargy which makes it more diffcult to exersize or function period. It also somewhat depends on how the person eats while using. In some cases I have heard that heroin can make you vomit as well.

On crack or cocaine, or other uppers causes a decrease in appetite and you burn up more energy. There are several things that can cause weight loss. Excessive caffeine, diet pills, diet in general. Change in bowel habits. Hyperthyroidism can cause it. Some other uppers are Crystal Meth, Speed. I am sure there are plenty more. Just be more cautious and aware.

Every person is different in how they react to substances they put in their body. Weight gain or loss is an absolute symptom of using, as are several other things.

If you suspect someone is using there could also be other signs such as extreme tiredness, or sleeping. When someone tends to do uppers when they come down they sleep for long periods and often. Redness of the eyes or dark circles around the eyes is another. More frequent breakouts. There would also mostly likely be mood swings associated.

If you suspect anything and see other signs I reccomend they seek help immediately. Its a hard an excruciating thing to go through. Though they may be angry and resentful, they do need people who will talkto them about this. Keep in mind if using they are in a fragile state. Look closely and check for other signs before jumping to conclusions. Its hard for someone who is abusing.

Good Luck!

meth/crank/speed------but they wouldn't be eating much if any at all

my first guess is meth. its easily available and apparently you can cook up a batch in your car in about 45 min. of course this is assuming one knows how.

funschooling m
Thyroid shifts and hormones from aging changes can make you lose weight quickly. I have this problem. Weight loss can also be a reaction to changing your birth control.

lose your mind as well as weight

uh, yeah. They do. Heroin, Coke, Crysatl Meth, crack, crank, speed.... all will make you deathly thin. and dead....eventually

Marc G
Especially when they kill you...

He weighs, like... dust.

any number...adderall, concerta, ritalin, any of the adhd drugs...

Usually drugs that are uppers make you lose weight. Coke is an example of an upper. Heroin is a downer, so unless you spend all day snorting or shooting it up, you don't typically lose weight. Drugs like Cocaine, Meth, crack, etc, also serve as appetite suppresants. Heroin does not. However, addicts spend all day doing heroin, so they just don't bother to eat, but doing it once in awhile, will not cause weight loss unless cocaine which suppresses the appetite, and makes you not want to eat.

Seamus S
crystal meth makes you lose weight,

Yes, if you use it often enough. like everyday or on a VERY regular basis.

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