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Dark Stool?
in my lat bowel movement, my stools were a dark brown. it was watery too.

i've been drinking more iced tea & Sunny Delight lately, if that has anything to do with this. i also take vitamins at night and i put benefiber in my drinks in the morning & miralax in my drink at night...

ewwwwww wht the ***

ahah daaannng.

As long as its soft...its healthy

just me
maybe you should be eating real food. instead of all the additives. Sunny D is nothing but sugar, if you are eating healthy you shouldn't need the rest... they will all mess with your body.

Look, everyone has colored stools at times. Dark black looking stools all the time is different. Eat fruit and see.

Dennis M
No joking, if it is really dark, see a doctor, it could be blood in your stool.

Are you taking an iron supplement??? have you ate something different or a lot of green or iron rich food lately??? benefiber makes your stools bulk up, then the miralax makes you goto the bathroom..you need to do one or the other!!! worst case scenario is upper gi bleed-once the food is processed through the stomach it (blood) turns dark-if it was lower gi or hemmoroids it would be bright red.

It could also be dark chocolate, dark berries or green leafy veg or red wine - all of those can make a difference. Watch your sugar intake with too much ice tea too....sugar can kill healthy gut bacteria which would affect stuff like that

It could be many things , if its been this way for a while ( really dark or black ) it could be Colon (intestine , bleeding) Cancer , Bleeding Polyps , Too many Iron in you blood , Stomach or Colon Ulcer (bleeding ) , Problem with your kidneys you eat too much salt. Chron Sickness , Irritable Bowels

Try too eat a lot of vegetables and fruits , fibers , and drink a lot of water , i mean a lot. If it does not change or you feel pain go see a doctor for a colonoscopy

I have a similar problem , my stool was medium brown all my life and recently a couple of months ago it became very dark brown but always the same consistence, it went away but now its back , when i drink plenty of water and eat a lot of carrots (fiber) its become lighter. Il wait a bit still since I have a phobia of hospital then ill check with my doctor

good luck man

haha poop is ..... well poop! they come in all different shapes colors and sizes

Is there iron in anything your're taking. That'll do it.

Yes, iron can do it but so can pepto.
There are some medical conditions that can cause blood in the stool.....old blood from the upper G.I. tract, this can cause very dark brown to black stools.

stop the benefiber and just drink lots of water.

So... you're taking benefiber and miralax, and wonering why your stools are different lol?

Seems to me you've answered your own question...

What you want to watch out for is black stools, this means that there is blood in your stool. As long as it's not black, don't worry about it.

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