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Can you have a upper Endoscopy and be awake with no sedation?

Your doctor might start by spraying your throat with a local anesthetic or by giving you a sedative to help you relax. You'll then lie on your side, and your doctor will pass the endoscope through your mouth and into the esophagus, stomach and duodenum. The endoscope doesn't interfere with your breathing, Most patients consider the test only slightly uncomfortable, and many patients fall asleep during the procedure.

I had a endoscopy examination of my stomach and beyond and remained wide awake and watched the camera travel on the monitor. On the way back the Surgeon stopped for a biopsy, missed one had to take another one. It was fascinating to be allowed to see your own stomach, honest. I was assured and reassured that I would not die, let alone have problems breathing and I did not. Once the big tube was pulled out, I belched several times and then the Nurses ran in wanted to know what I felt when the Biopsy was being done? The answer 'Nothing, not even a pinch!' If you are interested in your own body and you trust the person doing the procedure, then try it. My only complaint, I had to fast from midnight, asked the Ward Nurses to hold onto my dinner and when I arrived back walking, asked where my dinner was? They said 'You had anesthetic cannot eat?' I said 'Umm no I remained wide awake, where is my dinner?' They telephoned the Surgeon and I could hear him scream 'If she is walking, talking and hungry, feed her!' My only regret I did not have a video tape to record my stomach and gall bladder duct. The report stated inflammation, due to my Arthritis.

sheila r
Yes jc, you can be awake during the procedure, but it is rather uncomfortable. My throat was sprayed with an anaesthetic first which helped a little. The reason I chose that way was because I would have had a longer stay in hospital. As it was, it was quite quick and although I was a bit sore, it soon wore off.

Yes. You will be asked if you want sedation. I strongly recommended that you have sedation. You may struggle without it and cause trauma to your throat. It is also an unpleasant procedure and the sedation will help you forget the experience.

I have had 2. The first one with anaesthesia. I was aware of the procedure but it was not uncomfortable. I would have watched on the screen, but I was facing the wrong way! Then I had another one, and the old woman in the next cubicle was asked if she wanted the anaesthesia and she said she would just have the spray. So, me, being much younger, and braver?? thought I would do the same. It was one of the most awful experiences of my life, I really thought I was going to die. My stats dropped, apparently, during it. I would go for the anaesthesia if I should have to do it again. However, my mother had one recently and the nurse asked her what she wanted and I strongly advised the anaesthetic, but the nurse said she must choose and most older people found it not too uncomfortable. So that's what mum did, and she said it was OK. So..it's an individual thing. I was in my fifties, mother is 85, so there y'are!

Dr Frank
Why would you want too???

Well you could, and some doctors will do so if it is your choice, but remember that our bodies were made with that good ol' gag reflex so you're going to have to stay calm, breathe through your nose, and swallow while the tube is going down.

I had one done last week. Although I wasn't really "put to sleep" with a local or anything, I was given 2 IV drugs to help me relax and to suppress my gag reflex. I don't really remember a darn thing about it and woke up about 15 minutes after it was done. It wasn't bad at all! No side effects other than being a little sleepy afterwards.

Yes you can,you can have a spray for the throat and be awake.I have had many and always have sedation but that is because i am a big wuss.Good luck.

Christine P
I had it done without sedation.It was uncomfortable and it made me gag but it was soon over and done with.Also I could drive home afterwards.

umm...i yes you can be awake.. but do you really want a tube down your throat when your awake?

i sure as heck dont!

most doctors will refuse to do it on you then just because you will deff vomit almost instantly. better off on local anesthesia and high 02 to put you too sleep

stay healthy,

Jay W
It's unpleasant, but theoretically possible. They DO prefer that you are somewhat awake, since it is helpful to have you turn over and swallow the scope (that is why they usually use "conscious sedation" rather than full anesthesia). In a pinch, though, they could do it under full anesthesia.

yes, but WHY would you want to??? have you seen the size of the endoscope!! normally you are awake but sedated so at the time you know exactly whats going on but after the sedation wears off you forget everything that has happened (very spooky i think!)

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