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Can you go swimming with gromets in your ears?
I am a keen swimmer and need gromets put in. I would just like to know if going underwater will affect them at all. Thanks

it is fine to swim with gromets in your ears as my brother had them .he just had to get these special plugs that stop water from going in your ears.the plugs are not noticable

smart ****
i would check first with wallace to see if gromit can swim , and with the R.S.P.C.A , it may be classed as animal cruelty pmsl

I was told no, and never to dive into the water, but I think thats because the surgeon damaged my ear drum. However , you can get ear plugs to protect your ears from getting wet, so that should help

Two of my daughters had grommets put in their ears. These are put in for glue ear, which is caused by repeated ear infections. I was told it was very important not to get any water in the ear, even when bathing or washing their hair. I used to put a plug of cottonwool covered in vaseline in their ears when washing and was very very careful not to get a single drop of water in them. This is because when the grommets are in, your eardrum is open and water and bacteria can get straight inside causing infection. This would undo all the good work of the operation. I was advised not to get water in until the grommets dropped out naturally over time and the eardrum healed. Even now, several years later, they are careful not to get water in their ears when swimming as they are susceptible to infection. Good news is their hearing was much improved after the operation.

If you mean tubes to equalize the pressure behind your ear drums (because of frequent ear infections... blocked Eustachian tubes), then you definitely don't want to go underwater with them.

If you have any questions, talk to your doctor about it. He may advise you to use ear plugs.

Crazy girl
My brother had grommets when he was under the age of 5. He went swimming a few times and he still gets ear infections and ear ache now from swimming with grommets and he is 15 now i would maybe think about not going swimming whilst having grommets.

Sylvia C
No you must keep ears dry. Also wear ear plugs when washing hair.

You need to keep water out of your ears, you can buy stuff called ear putty that is very good. The other thing you need to be mindful of is pressure changes, so no diving etc as this could make things uncomfortable.
If you are really concerned ask the Doctor performing the procedure about it.
Hope this helps, take care.

private dick
no i had them before and its a big no no

No, gromit is a dog. ooha

What, what, what??
The ear grommets allow air into your middle ear. Some surgeons recommend that you wear earplugs or I have seen ear caps that are sort of like a swimmers cap but are specifically designed for the ear.

Honestly, I would recommend that you talk to your surgeon and ear doctors about this, and ask them to recommend products for you.

Have fun swimming! Protect your hearing.

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