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Can you die in your sleep with your eyes open????
my nan has just died, 12 days ago, from gall stones and we have been told she died peacefully in her sleep. when my mum went to see her the nurse tried to close nan's eyes but she had already gone into rigor mortis. we are very angry and upset as to us how can you die (peacefully!!!!!) in your sleep but your eyes be open. can anyone help?? mum has got an appointment at the hospital nan was in but as if they will tell us the truth now!

yes.. it is possible..

Yes, sorry for your loss.

Pts often open their eyes as if to see God just briefly before they die. I have worked extensively with hospice and even some pts who are heavily sedated open their eyes open before they take their last breath. I am not really sure why they do this.
I am sure they are not being dishonest with you. Sometimes there is no reason why things happen.
She may have opened her eyes one last time to say goodbye.

When we euthanse animals, their eyes remain open and it is a very peaceful way to go. It is because we have to physically close our eyes using muscles. When we die, we can't do physical. Most times on tv, actors close thier eyes. Its not now it happens. when my other half sleeps deep, he has his eyes open slightly.
I watched my Grandma die, she too had her eyes slightly open. She had lots of morphine, so it wasn't painful.

I'm sorry, but usually doctors pop stiches or tissue glue to keep eyes shut.

Just because a person dies with their eyes open, this does NOT negate the possibility that they died peacefully. Plenty of people have doies an agonizing death with their eyes closed.

well I am sorry about your nan. well everybody dies with there eyes open.


charlie c
do you sleep with your eyes open ???

yes, you can die peacefully with your eyes open. the people saying you cant have probably never seen someone die, but ive worked in hospices and nursing homes for 15 years and seen many people die, its not uncommon for their eyes to be open when they pass. its also not uncommon to feel anger when someone you love dies. you are upset they are gone and the feeling of loss can be overwhelming so it feels easier to be mad at someone/thing. if the hospital had done something wrong there would be more evidence than her eyes being open

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
I wouldn't worry about the eyes. It is very possible. Happens all the time.
Even though her eyes were opened, she may not have been really seeing out of them at that moment.
I'm sure she passed in peace.
Kind of you to worry about that, but by now she is in heaven and the last thing she wants you to worry about is that!

ho firstly im sorry bout your loss , its not nice to loose any one , secondly yes it is quite a common thing for some one to die with there eyes open , as a care worker for many yrs i have seen this alot , i know you must be goin through all sorts of emotions at the moment , and i agree with kitkat it is easier wen you have some one or somthing to blame and yes i guess we have all done it

It is possible.
Haven't people died whilst awake, with their eyes closed???

Not my area of expertise, but maybe this will help you make a guess... Have you any idea if she was found in her normal sleeping position (on back, side, arms crossed, arms by side), or did she have her fists clenched as if in pain/mouth open/hands on her abdomen?

Yes I think so.

Dark Craze 7000
No duh!

they may have opened reflexively at the moment she departed to the higher realms. the fact that they were open does not necessarily mean she awakened prior to departing. in any event when she was carried off with the help of appropriate beings, physical eyes open or closed became irrelevant.

Zachery S
that's weird

nobody has lived long enough to find out

My mom died in her sleep. Her eyes suddenly came wide open and stayed open until someone closed them. I and other relatives were with her.

Please do not worry about this. The eyes of people who die often do open to a varying degree after death. Muscles around the eye both actively keep the eyes open when we are awake and shut( to protect our eyes from drying out) when we are asleep. When you die the muscles stop working altogether and the eyelids adopt a neutral position (often more open than shut), even if the person was asleep at the time they passed away. Indeed it can be very difficult to keep the eyes of a dead person shut as the eyelids naturally want to return to the neutral position. The fact that your nans eyes were open in no way reflects the way in which she passed away. Our expectation of dead people having their eyes closed is much more deterimed by what we see on film and television than reality. In the media we see thousands of " dead people" though our lives but thankfully very few real dead people.

I hope that you find peace.

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